July 3, 2015: The Third National Hijra Habba in New Delhi brought together policymakers, government representatives, media, healthcare providers, transgender and hijra community leaders and civil society to promote the rights of transgender and hijra communities in India. It is the first event of its kind at the national level since the Supreme Court’s landmark judgement. Organised by India HIV/AIDS Alliance’s Pehchan programme, this year’s Hijra Habba creates a forum for dialogue between national and state social welfare departments and prominent transgender and hijra community leaders. The event will be a platform for different states, the Central Government, the transgender & hijra community, and civil society organizations to join hands to consolidate an action plan for transgender and hijra welfare nationwide. Photo: Subah Chopra/OneWorld South Asia
June 23, 2015: Students participate in the mass yoga demonstration in New Delhi on the first International Day of Yoga which was celebrated on June 21. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has praised yoga for promoting respect for one's fellow human beings and for the planet. “I am hoping that if yoga promotes physical dexterity, it can also promote diplomatic dexterity. In my job as Secretary-General of the United Nations, I have to be agile all of the time!” he said in front of the crowd. Quoting Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, he stressed that “yoga is not just about exercise; it is a way to discover the sense of oneness, with yourself, the world and nature”. In a message issued in advance of the International Day, Ban recalled how he had had the opportunity to practice yoga during a visit to India this year. Photo: PIB
June 22, 2015: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that many widows are aging and may not have worked outside of the home. Widows are particularly vulnerable, he said. International Widows’ Day is observed on 23rd June every year. He said that creating a world with greater equality for generations to come is the defining challenge. “This is especially urgent for women, who often experience multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. Their age, income, ethnicity, disabilities and other factors can put women at greater risk of injustice,” he said. “We must erase the social stigmatization and economic deprivation that confronts widows; eliminate their high risk of sexual abuse and exploitation; and remove the barriers to resources and economic opportunities that constrain their future. We also must advance widows’ equal rights to inheritance, property, land and other assets,” Ki-moon said.
June 15, 2015: India’s National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare observed the ‘World Blood Donor Day’ under the aegis of National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC), at Connaught Place, New Delhi. The World Blood Donors Day celebrates their altruistic gift and thanks the unsung heroes for their priceless contribution. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Thank you for saving my life’ focuses on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and encourages more people across the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly with the slogan “Give freely, give often. Blood donation matters.” On this occasion, K B Agarwal, Joint Secretary, NACO, launched the blood donation drive for willing donors to donate blood on this occasion. He also launched the Database of Blood banks on the National Health Portal. Photo: World Bank/Dominic Chavez
June 9, 2015: This summer, nearly 5000 children in Baihar block utilized their vacation for participating in a massive rally to create awareness among the communities in 73 villages located in the buffer zone of Kanha forest on the importance of environment conservation and preserving ecological balance. To establish a constructive communication among various stake holders including parents, children, government, panchayat raj members in enhancing the quality education of the children in Kanha buffer zone, Aide et Action South Asia, an international NGO in support with Wild Life Conservation Trust, Sir Dorabji Tata trust through its Ecological Ensuring Quality Education with Ecological Sensitization project team held “Shiksha Samvaad Yatra”, a eleven day rally advocating the cause of conservation of forests and ecological education from May 21. Photo: Amoga Laxmi Sukka
Mainstreaming sex workers’ children in Delhi
May 21, 2015 With sex workers themselves being a distress lot, it is their children who face real discrimination at the hands of society, writes Amoga Laxmi Sukka. Read more
Opinion: Heat stroke deaths are tip of the iceberg: Dr Dileep Mavalankar
Jul 01, 2015 Heat waves are likely to rapidly increase as climate change progresses, says Dr Dileep Mavalankar. Read more
Interview: Rising prosperity adding to India’s chronic disease woes: James Curran
Jun 24, 2015 Prof James Curran, Dean, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, United States, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia, tells how chronic ... Read more
Civil Society: Women's rights activist Ranjana Kumari bags Lotus award
May 20, 2015 Dr Ranjana Kumari, a long-time champion for women’s causes, has worked tirelessly to promote women's political participation Read more
Celebrities: Girls should not be embarrassed about menstruation: Gul Panag
May 28, 2015 “During my growing up years and even today, I see women and girls shying away from mentioning the ‘M’ word,” said actress Gul Panag. Read more
Civil Society and Union Budget 2015
The Union government is all set to present its Budget on February 28, 2015. The expectations from the government, which came to power on the twin promises of ... Read more
Book: Need to look at biodiversity to fight poverty: Gunter Pauli
May 15, 2015 There is a need for celebrating biodiversity as an important component for eradicating poverty, said Gunter Pauli, author of the book, The Blue Economy, ... Read more
Fifty species of fish in river Narmada are now extinct: Anil Dave
Jun 17, 2015 "The impact of climate change is very severe on the aquatic life of Narmada," says social activist Anil Madhav Dave. Read more
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Climate change affecting crops, milk production: Indian farmer
Jun 17, 2015 Farmers in the villages might not term it as climate change can, but they feel it in their daily lives through erratic rains, prolonged summers and harsher sun. Read more
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