October 31, 2014: In the wake of stubbornly high levels of undernutrition across India, the Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security convened a review by technical experts about what works to improve nutrition and to develop a set of evidence-informed recommendations. In spite of recent reports on the improvements in undernutrition among children in India, the levels of undernutrition remain unacceptably high in India. “New frontiers of the mind and technology are before us, and if they are pioneered with the same vision, boldness and drive with which the battle against food shortage was fought through the green revolution, we can achieve the goal of Zero Hunger sooner than generally considered possible,” said Professor M S Swaminathan. The recommendations are based on a review of the current evidence and approaches to achieve nutrition security in India.
October 27, 2014: Despite the challenges, once the waters receded in the flood ravaged Kashmir valley, Nighat Shafi Pandit was out immediately to first assess the situation at Help’s children’s home and the women’s centres. Pandit worked hard to set up handicraft centres in and around the Valley to train women to create exquisite Kashmiri handicraft and weaves. Photo: Humra Quraishi
October 22, 2014: In Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s state capital, one of these days, do not be surprised to see sari-clad women with khaki jackets zipping around the city ferrying passengers in black-and-yellow autorickshaws. These women have been trained and employed by Makkal (people) Auto, a transport service that runs a high-tech and safety-centric auto fleet for women, by women. For ordinary people in this bustling southern city of Chennai, the autorickshaw is both a boon and a bane. Even as it provides that crucial last mile connectivity, particularly to the large numbers of working women who are dependent on public transportation, there have been serious security issues to deal with, apart from the usual harassment over the arbitrary charging of fares. Photo: Hema Vijay\WFS
October 20, 2014: Cyclone Shelters, which form one of the most important assets during disaster management, are in a very sorry state of affairs in Vishakhapatnam, a district which barely managed to save itself from the fury of cyclone Hudhud. According to experts if the eye of the storm had hit the rural coastline rather than the urban space of Visakhapatnam, there would have been many more casualties. Now is the chance for the state of Andhra Pradesh as well as others on India’s coast to take appropriate steps to build and maintain cyclone shelters which can counter any future cyclone. The photo shows an ugly dilapidated cyclone shelter in Mukkam in Vizianagaram. Photo: Devendra Tak/Save the Children
October 15, 2014: Every day after their morning prayers, instead of heading to a regular classroom the students make their way to the open fields to learn farming first hand. These girls are enrolled at the Gondwana Residential Agriculture School (Gondwana Aabasik Shala Tyaagi Krishi Vidyalay), which is especially open to dropout students. At this unique school, being run from Bondtra, a small, dusty hamlet in Mungelli district of Chhattisgarh, 60 tribal children, a majority of whom are girls, are getting the incredible opportunity to gain a valuable life skills-based education. They come from various districts, including Surajpur, Jangir, Chanpa, Balrampur, Bilaspur, Kawrdha and Rayagad. It was in 2010 that this institution was set up by the Gondwana Society on the suggestion of their leader, activist Hirasingh Markam. Photo: WFS
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