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Jul 22, 2014 GIS-based soil fertility maps for 19 states, developed by the Indian Institute of Soil Sciences could help enhance productivity, sustainability and also prevent environmental degradation. Read more
Jul 21, 2014 In keeping with plans for rolling out IVRS and voice-based advisories, offline text to voice conversion at the users' end is also under advanced stage of development for semi-literate and illiterate users. Read more
Jul 18, 2014 States have been instructed to implement drought mitigation works like renovation of traditional water bodies, said India’s Minister of State for Rural Development Upendra Kushwaha. Read more
Jul 15, 2014 The Indian Budget-2014 talks about harnessing clean energy through incentive-based cost reduction measures. Read more
Jul 14, 2014 Under this programme rural youth would take up local entrepreneurship programmes for which Rs 100 crore has been allocated. Read more
Jul 10, 2014 The Indian government also announced to finance 5 lakh joint Farming Groups of ‘Bhoomi Heen Kisan’. Read more
Jul 07, 2014 Global food prices dip for a third consecutive month in June following a ten-month surge, the United Nations agriculture agency said. Read more
Jun 24, 2014 Agriculture is one of the fields to which Prasar Bharati is required to pay special attention according to the Prasar Bharati Act. Read more
Aug 20, 2013 Despite a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolled in Afghanistan’s tertiary education institutions since 2001, the country’s education system is ...
LifeLines Agriculture is a translation of OneWorld's vision of employing ICTs to benefit the most under-served communities in South Asia. This has been achieved with help from partners like Cisco.
The doughty Indian farmer has assistance in the form of OneWorld's LifeLines Agriculture service that seeks to answer his questions over mobile phone, guiding him with appropriate and accurate information and advice related to farming, fertilizers, crops, livestock and much more. Presently the service reaches out to a total of 2,130 villages across Uttar Pradesh. The LifeLines service has so far benefited over 200,000 farmer households. As on date, the LifeLines desk receives over 450 queries a day.

Lifelines agriculture: Toll Free number

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Partnering for Rural Prosperity

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