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Article New health policy to cater to young Indian women: govt
The new national health policy would address reproductive health, anaemia and numerous other non-communicable diseases.
Article India needs to hike public spending on health: official
A minimum of 2.5% of India’s GDP is required to be spent on health for providing a reasonable package of healthcare services.
Article Indian minister for scientific collection of donated organs
India’s Health Minister said that Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital will house the first National Organ &Tissue Transplantation Organisation (NOTTO).
Article Sister, where art thou?
As Florence Nightingale said so many years ago, nursing is not merely a science, but more so an art, write Kavita Narayan and Devaki Nambiar.
Article Sri Lanka, Bangladesh have beaten India in healthcare: Harpal Singh
Harpal Singh, Mentor and Chairman Emeritus of Fortis Healthcare, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia, on the sidelines of UN Corporate MDG Conclave held in New Delhi, said that responsibility to society should be integral to working of business. Excerpts from the interview:
Article Global child deaths from Malaria decline
Child deaths from malaria have declined from one million in 2008 to under 500,000 thanks to a community of malaria supporters.
Article No new polio case in India for 3rd consecutive year
Polio or infantile paralysis, is a viral, infectious disease which spread from person to person, primarily via the fecal-oral route.
Article Velorution for access to health services in India
Medecins Sans Frontieres , an international NGO, strives to ride on ‘Velorution’ or a cycle revolution to take healthcare services to the ignored sections of society.
Article Pakistan’s Swat Valley hit by dengue
Health officials say nearly 8,000 people have tested positive for the virus and that the death toll could be much higher than 22 in Pakhtunkhwa Province.
Article Indian Govt blinks as Nestle breaks baby food law: BPNI
Nestle is already facing a criminal charge in the court of law for alleged violation of the IMS Act in 1994 and it took 17 years for the court to frame a charge in 2012.
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