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Tens of thousands displaced by Myanmar's ethnic violence

Nov 05, 2012 12:40 PM As waves of people come to seek refuge in relief camps, food and shelter remain the uppermost need of the refugees, says UNHCR.
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Sri Lanka’s former IDPs seek transitional shelter assistance

Nov 05, 2012 05:33 AM More than three years after Sri Lanka’s decades-long war came to an end and the return of nearly 470,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) to the north, thousands of people still remain in flimsy shelters.
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UN flags denial of rights in Sri Lanka

Nov 03, 2012 04:30 AM The UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has highlighted Sri Lanka’s continued denial of the human rights crisis in the country and the need for independent investigations into new alleged human rights violations and past war crimes.
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Time to act, say Pakistan rights groups

Nov 02, 2012 05:00 AM Commitments must be followed by action, said national and international human rights organisations in the wake of the review of Pakistan under the UN’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.
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UNHCR calls on Bangladesh to open border

Oct 30, 2012 06:43 AM The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called on Bangladesh to open its borders to Rohingyas fleeing sectarian violence in Myanmar.

Amnesty wants winter assistance campaign for Afghans

Oct 26, 2012 06:31 AM Urgent steps are needed if Afghanistan is to avoid a repeat of the deaths among children and adults in the country’s displacement camps that occurred during last year’s bitterly cold winter conditions, a coalition of 30 NGOs including Amnesty International said.
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Nepal weakens human rights body, allege activists

Oct 22, 2012 11:05 AM Mismanagement of Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC) and its lack of independence, as well as frequent changes of government and an ongoing constitutional stalemate, have weakened the group’s ability to pursue war-era crimes, say officials and activists.
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UN human rights official to visit Arakan state in Burma

Jul 31, 2012 06:12 AM The United Nations expert on human rights in Burma arrived in the country late Sunday, days after the UN voiced fears that efforts to end unrest in Arakan state in Burma had turned into a crackdown on Muslims.

"The Fear Never Leaves Me"

Jul 24, 2012 11:31 AM Suspects in the 2009 mutiny by the Bangladesh Rifles border guards (BDR) have been subjected to widespread abuse, torture, and deaths in custody, says a report by Human Rights Watch.
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Delhi parks: no more a child’s play

Jun 22, 2012 11:12 AM Pragya, an eleven-year-old Delhi girl, is waging a relentless battle against a Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to access a neighbourhood park. This park where she has been playing since her childhood, has of late, become inaccessible for her after the RWA of a neighbouring locality walled the park gates adjacent to her house.
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Scribe hacked to death in Bangladesh

Jun 21, 2012 08:00 AM Coming close on the heels of the report about a Nepalese journalist being issued death threats, is a news about a journalist in Bangladesh, Jamal Uddin, who has been hacked to death in Sharsha, Jessore. In most likelihood, Jamal was killed for reporting on a local drug smuggling syndicate, report Bangladesh based Media Watch and other IFEX members.
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Journalist in Nepal receives death threat

Jun 20, 2012 10:06 AM Nepal-based NGO Freedom Forum is concerned about the death threat issued to Arjun Bhattarai, a reporter with the New Karnali monthly magazine. This violation of press freedom occurred in Kalikot, a hilly district in the mid-western region of Nepal. The victim told Freedom Forum that an unknown caller threatened him and also warned that the magazine and its office would be torched. The NGO says that such threats might prompt self-censorship among journalists.
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‘Burma does not yet have a law to punish acts of torture’

Jun 20, 2012 07:30 AM The Asian Human Rights Commission has raised questions over the death in custody of a young woman, Nan Woh Phan, in Rangoon, Burma. AHRC feels that it is the handling of Who Phan’s death which would elucidate, whether or not policing, prosecutorial and judicial agencies in Burma are responding to the political changes in the country.

Bangladesh putting lives of fleeing Myanmarese at risk: HRW

Jun 20, 2012 05:41 AM Human Right Watch has expressed shock over Bangladesh’s state of inaction in providing assistance to the asylum seeking refugees from Myanmar. Bill Frelick, refugees director at HRW said it was tragic that Bangladesh made forced returns on the World Refugee Day. Bangladesh should abide by its obligations under international law not to return Rohingya fleeing violence in Burma, Human Rights Watch said.

UN expert calls on India to fight impunity for extrajudicial executions

Apr 02, 2012 07:36 AM A United Nations Special Rapporteur on arbitrary executions has urged the Government of India to fight the high level of impunity that the police and armed forces enjoy for extrajudicial killings, especially in the conflict-ridden north-eastern region and the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
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Ethnic strife in Burma ignored, warn refugees in US

Mar 28, 2012 05:03 AM The exiled refugees who fled oppression in Burma have filed a petition before the United States government seeking an end to human rights abuses against ethnic minorities by the Burmese Army.
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Sharp rise in human trafficking in Pakistan’s Sindh Province

Mar 23, 2012 07:16 AM A Pakistani NGO has said that women and children from Bangladesh and Aghanistan are being sold to traffickers due to poverty. A social worker alleged that even influential figures, in women ministries of human rights and child protection committees have young children as servants.
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Oscar-winning documentary reveals plight of 'disfigured' faces

Mar 16, 2012 05:21 AM Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has taken the tale of constant struggle and survival of victims of acid attacks to international audiences through her Oscar winning documentary.
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Uncivil aviation: Air of disregard for disabled fliers

Mar 13, 2012 05:46 AM A meeting called to address the issue of disabled air travelers by the civil aviation ministry proves to be a fiasco as most airlines and even the ministry of social justice stay away.
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Afghan clerics' conservative blueprint for women

Mar 12, 2012 06:19 AM Afghan clerics have come out with proposals that would reverse many of the legal rights won by women.
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