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Away from mother’s lap and dad’s sight

Nov 01, 2016

An undergraduate student of mass communication in Delhi NCR region expresses her anguish over the unwelcome touches that kids experience in our society.

Ghaziabad: “Travelling back to home from school in my dad’sfavouritecar, driver uncle made me sit on the front seat. I don’t know why he started touching my thighs, I was only telling him what happened in the school but he touched me everywhere and I was just numb. Should I tell my mom about it? Or, should I better remain silent about it?’’

These were the unspoken words of a girl molested by her family driver. Imagine a little girl travelling back to home in a classy car and belonging to a high class family facing such kind of situation.

Apparently, lust is not mindful of age, class or place. Every minute one or the other child is molested by our so called ‘Elders’. How can someone do this to their little ones?

The world is full of such perverts who have gone blind with lust. Perhaps, one cannot completely end the existence of such people but a word of wisdom is that ‘Precaution is better than cure’.

The little ones should be made aware about the unacceptable touches and behaviour of people around them irrespective of their relation, and the parents are expected should their child face in the real world, while the little one is away from home.

According to a survey, about 53% of the children in India are molested every year. Can anyone imagine the state of mind of these little kids who have just entered the world and are forced to see the darker side of the world?

Despite ample laws, these monsters with masks of human are still not stopping their unacceptable behaviour and gestures. Unfortunately, parents even after knowing what is happening to their kids are not taking any tangible steps about the unacceptable touches.

I strongly feel that little kids should be made aware about such unwanted advances happening everywhere in the world both inside and outside our homes.

Schools should also start awareness programmes and help children to survive and breathe in this cruel world.

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