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Composing to inspire: From self to spine patients

May 28, 2014

A Delhi girl composes a song not just to inspire spine patients but to celebrate their journey towards a normal life.

New Delhi: “What should one do when life makes things difficult at every step?” was one of many thoughts that crossed the mind of this teenage girl, Karnika Popli, a Botany honours student from Khalsa College, Delhi University, when she learned about patients suffering from acute spinal injuries.

Growing up in the suburbs of Delhi, she had lived a sheltered life, with petty girl problems and her daily college routine being her only concern. She came to the college campus with aspirations of enjoying her teenage-hood, meeting friends for a lifetime and learning new things.

As a college student, this bubbly girl hardly knew that she, through her creative writing, would get associated with one of the harshest realities of life, a disability, induced by spinal injury which not only cripples a person physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Karnika who has been composing songs since her schooldays, says she has been writing to inspire herself. Since then, her journey of writing inspirational songs has not just moved beyond inspiring her friends but will now also serve as source of strength for lakhs of spine patients in India.

She has been employing her creative faculties as an active member of a musical band, Avios, popular in Delhi colleges. With her melodious voice she has been rendering live performances along with composing songs and playing the keyboard, a musical instrument.

Life had a new lesson for Karnika when her Associate Professor, Komal Kamra, a spinal cord patient, asked her to pen down something inspiring for people battling spinal injuries.

Lectures soon became life lessons for this teenager as she was introduced to the Indian Spinal Foundation, a self- help group for spinal cord injury patients. A spinal cord injury can cause irreversible damage to multiple organs leaving a person with a lifelong disability.

The teenager poured her thoughts expressing the distress of Spinal Cord patients in the form of a beautiful poem. This poem was later adopted as an anthem by ‘The Spine Foundation’, which sprung to life when she gave voice to her composition.

The objective of this foundation is to advocate and facilitate the right to rehabilitation, spread awareness, improve technology and help the underprivileged suffering form the multi-faceted implications of spinal injuries.

The Foundation aims to not only reach out to the needy patients with the required healthcare but acknowledge their miseries and support them in all ways possible.

Her lyric encapsulates the true spirit of the indomitable patients who wants to tell the world that they shall continue to look forward, shall continue to move forward and shall continue to strive towards lofty goals despite several hardships.”

Don’t wanna cry
I just wanna touch the sky
I just wanna fly
To chase that light,
I feel so cold
But it cant stand the heat inside,
I swear, I swear, I will not cry,
And I crave that height,
I’ll never climb in vain,
You pull me down and I will rise again.

If the sky falls down below,
I’ll send it back, ill show you what am capable off,

Walking down the road,
I went too far, that’s why my goals are now higher than ever before, I wish I wish this everyday
God gives me strength to find my shore,

Hey there, I swear I will fight till I fall,
Doesn’t matter if I’ll have to walk a li’l more

Today, Karnika stands at an important threshold of her life feeling proud of her small achievement and happy to believe that her verse shall endeavour many more to put up a brave front and emerge victorious during the challenging moments of their lives.

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