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Leopard defenders in schools

May 04, 2017

The aim of the awareness workshop on leopard program is to connect kids with nature and to share some knowledge about the big cat.

New Delhi: Conservation Education Centre (CEC), Delhi conducted a "Co-Existence and Awareness Workshop on Leopard" for the Eco Club of Mangar Bani. The 3 hours workshop was organized on Wednesday in the range of Aravalli which lies in Faridabad. CEC is the Delhi wing of Bombay Natural History Society and working in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

The aim of the program was to connect kids with nature and to share some knowledge about the big cat that is clearly became a part of Delhi’s biodiversity. With one news or others, people are tend to develop some myths about leopards which is why BNHS, Delhi started conducting these programs.

Project Manager at CEC, Sohail Madan, took the outdoor class where he talked about how children can help in building a co-existence with leopards. The students were made to understand that their actions could help overcome practices of cruelty towards wild animals.

Talking about the program, Sohail said, “With sightings of Leopards in our city on the rise, it is imperative that we run such programs to raise awareness; especially amongst people living around forest areas. The best method to sensitize adults is through kids; they are the best messengers, as well as eco warriors for our cause.”

Suneel Harsana, Environmental Conservationist was also present during the program. According Suneel, “We need better laws to protect this magnificent species. The police and policy makers should ensure that those who are responsible for deforestation, poaching or any other illegal activities, should be behind the bars.”

“Apart from law, education is one of the most effective methods to control any sort of wildlife crime or conflict between man and leopards or any wild animal for that matter. I hope that Delhi wing of BNHS, will replicate such initiatives in other schools and colleges too,” said Harsana.

Ishtiyak Ahmad, Education Officer in CEC shared, “During our event we were able to enhance knowledge of the kids. All the students were elated to learn about big cat that is still surviving near the city edges of Delhi. They pledge to protect the animals and their natural habitats.”

The other team member of CEC talked about urban wildlife and why the conflicts between humans and wildlife have increased since last two decades. Study material was distributed among students and CEC along with teachers, formed a Leopard Defenders Club in Government School of Mangar Bani.

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