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Stop It: A movie that wants women to speak up

Mar 01, 2018

This movie endeavours to raise awareness on crimes against women by encouraging girls and women to come out of their cocoons of silence.

New Delhi: A short film ‘Stop It’ encourages women to get over the silence and speak for their rights.

Is a short film that not just raises awareness on crimes against women but also celebrates women who dare to speak up. This father daughter conversation on sexual harassment will keep you hooked till the end. Read on the for the narrative of the film.

They’re sitting on a couch and wondering... Meet Mansi – a 17 year old girl, just out of school and ready to take on the world! Loved by friends and family, especially her father, she personifies happiness. Father, who works hard and loves the women in his life – Mansi and her mother.

It’s a regular day when Mansi and Meghna, her friend, who has come over, are sitting on a couch, chatting about people and wondering. But things can’t be ‘regular’ when Mansi is around. To give life to a lull evening, Mansi decides to give everyone a surprise. With no clue whatsoever, her parents have been asked to close their eyes.

They’re sitting on a couch and wondering what, just what could it be... Eyes open! Feelings of surprise are overshadowed by feelings of shock. Displayed on the table are a mix of lingerie. Lingerie for comfort and lingerie for pleasure and a sanitary napkin that has found it’s space between comfort and pleasure. A mix that’s staring people in the eye!

They’re sitting on a couch and wondering what, just what’s going on... Mansi picks up each piece one by one and starts explaining the make, colour and purpose – for comfort, for pleasure and for that time of the month ‘Stop It!’ But there’s no stopping Mansi. Why? Because she knows. Because she knows that her father engages in filthy conversations with the women in his life. Women apart from Mansi and her mother. Women who bow down because her father is powerful. Women who can’t say ‘no’ because they don’t know they can. Women who stay silent because they have been brought up that way. Women that include Meghna’s mother. ‘Stop It!’.

But there’s no stopping Mansi... Why? Because she knows. Because she got to know today – from Meghna’s mother. And she has decided to break the silence. Tides turn! Feelings of shock are overshadowed by feelings of guilt. “Stop It” says Mansi And he’s sitting on the couch and wondering how, just how did this happen… Not regular, it’s one of those rare days when you finally start a conversation that matters.

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