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Tech-based traffic management system in Bangalore

Apr 03, 2013

BTRAC 2010 was started as a five year programme (2006-2011) by the Karnataka Road Development Corporation (KRDC) to address traffic congestion in Bangalore by employing the latest traffic management technologies.

Over the years, Bangalore has witnessed a phenomenal increase in its vehicular population, leading to several challenges in controlling road congestion. This situation made it necessary to upgrade the city's traffic management system and resulted in the creation of the Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project, B-TRAC 2010.

The project involves the use of high-end technologies such as BlackBerry phones, wireless printers, surveillance cameras and backend connectivity for facilitating real time traffic surveillance, monitoring and enforcement. It further involves the setting up of modern signs and road markings all across the city and efforts for minor junction improvements to enable safe travel.

Various traffic and road safety education and training activities have also been conducted with citizens and traffic personnel throughout the city for generating awareness about traffic rules and familiarising them with the latest technologies being adapted.

As a result of such consolidated traffic control and management effort, Bangalore today has a full-fledged traffic maintenance system. This has resulted in creating transparency in enforcing traffic rules and levying adequate and timely penalties. BTRAC has also reduced the occurrence of road accidents in Bangalore and is creating a safe road environment for commuters.

In recognition of its contribution, BTRAC 2010 has been awarded the National e-Governance Award of the Union Government 2011 and the Golden Peacock award 2011 for adopting innovative technology for effective traffic management.

BTRAC 2010 is an exemplary system of traffic management. Other metropolitan cities that face traffic congestion can learn and adapt a similar technology-assisted system of traffic management to lower the rates of road accidents, traffic congestion and reduce travel time for commuters.

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