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Women's colleges foster leadership skills for young women

Jun 23, 2017

Women's colleges have excellent counselling centres, writes Adarsh Khandelwal, Co-founder, Collegify, a college consulting firm.

1. Positive feedback on US woman colleges

Women's colleges in the US are exciting, nurturing spaces that engage women from around the world academically while also bolstering their leadership skills. Many women's colleges (Barnard, Wellesley, Smith etc) are in a partnership with other colleges, often large research institutions such as Columbia and MIT that offer a plethora of academic resources, clubs and sporting teams and libraries. One enjoys the comfort and unparalleled attention of a small liberal arts college while having access to cutting edge research institutions

2. Experience as an Indian student

Most women's colleges have a healthy international student body and organize many cultural events that make the campus feel like your second home. In case of jitters, women's colleges have excellent counselling centres that can help students ease into a new place

3. Scope of jobs there

Colleges like Smith and Mt. Holyoke have paid internship programs that allow students to explore unpaid internships over the summer. Colleges have strong placements for finance, consulting, technology. However, if you are looking to work in the nonprofit or development sector it can be more difficult to find a sustainable job

5. Over all view highlighting woman colleges and positive aspect of studying in US

I do believe that women's colleges foster leadership skills for young women that is often missing in co-ed institutions. It is where you can find your place in the world and truly do remarkable things.



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