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National Intellectual Organisation to create national policy covering 10 sectors

Jul 17, 2018 A National Intellectual Organisation has been set up to create a national policy in respect of 10 important sectors to find lasting solutions to current problems in Sri Lanka.

6 new schools benefiting 4,000 students built in Badakhshan

Jul 17, 2018 Afghan-German Cooperation (AGC) has handed over six newly constructed schools covering up to 4,000 students,to Badakhshan Provincial Education Department, a statement from the PR-AGC office received by The Kabul Times said Sunday.

‘No Kunu’ – A massive citizens’ campaign to clean Beira Lake

Jul 17, 2018 ‘No Kunu’– a massive citizens’ campaign is set to be launched to clean up Colombo’s Beira Lake located at the centre of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

Landslides leave people of Yangmalashing in Pema Gatshel worried

Jul 17, 2018 The Yangmalashing village lies in an area vulnerable to landslides. Last month, a landslide struck the area, leaving the farm road which is situated above the village was blocked. It also caused immense damage to the village Out Reach Clinic (ORC).

Environment friendly substitute for Glyphosate

Jul 17, 2018 The Government has expedited research work towards producing a more environment friendly weedicide to replace the glyphosate chemical

India's water crisis: Scarcity in Shimla has abated, but hotels still fear drop in tourist numbers

Jul 17, 2018 According to a recent NITI Aayog report, India's water resources are in a state of concern. As stated in the report, it is on the verge of witnessing a major water crisis in its history, with 600 million Indians facing high to extreme water stress which is resulting in 2 lakh deaths per year.

Climate change will worsen flooding in South Asia; India already accounts for a fifth of global deaths due to floods

Jul 17, 2018 One-fifth of deaths around the globe is mainly due to floods that India accounts for , according to a government data that lends perspective to a new World Bank study that says climate change may lower the living standards of nearly half of the Indian population by 2050.

Shetti launches agitation: Milk collection hit, dips by 50%

Jul 17, 2018 On the first day of agitation organised by Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghtana which aimed at stopping the supply of milk indefinitely, Maharashtra reported a 50 per cent dip in milk procurement by dairies.

NUG submits ‘Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy’ to int’l community

Jul 17, 2018 Officials for Ministry of Counter Narcotics saying for the first time, Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy has been presented by Afghanistan government to the international community.

Canadian Embassy in Kabul assists four Afghan NGOs

Jul 17, 2018 The Canadian embassy has announced that for improving activities of some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kabul and other provinces, has provided cash aids.




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