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Catch the latest development related news in India and the rest of South Asia.

HSI-India slams killing of man accused of cow slaughter

Oct 03, 2015 07:40 PM As Indians celebrate Gandhi’s birthday, HSI-India stresses that ahimsa applies to people and animals alike.

Rural distress fuelling up internal migration, say experts

Sep 23, 2015 12:03 PM According to a social activist, the present rural distress is worse than 1950s with most of the affected people being small farmers.
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Innovative teachers of Delhi felicitated

Sep 18, 2015 11:56 AM STIR Education holds Govt Selection Day in association with Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) & Department of Education (DoE) to felicitate most innovative teachers of Delhi.

Focus on neglected tropical diseases: WHO

Sep 13, 2015 10:32 PM The WHO South-East Asia Region reports around 10 000 cases of kala-azar every year.

India’s breastfeeding policies need improvement: report

Sep 10, 2015 04:05 PM The South Asian counties managed to advance much further because the policy makers prioritized optimum breastfeeding and infant and child feeding, something India has not been able to do so far.

Prioritise preparedness for health emergencies: WHO

Sep 09, 2015 05:34 PM Over the years, WHO South-East Asia Region has witnessed a series of major public health emergencies.

Tapping CSR for strategic farmer-business linkages in India

Sep 07, 2015 02:11 PM Experts have urged for tapping CSR funds for creating farmer oriented market linkages to make farming a profitable vocation.

The Chalk Walk-2015: A teachers’ movement

Sep 07, 2015 12:05 PM By participating in the Chalk Walk -12000 teachers in the movement took an oath to improve learning outcomes of children.

UN Hosts 12th International Human Rights Summit

Sep 04, 2015 11:43 AM With limitless energy, optimism and promise, the youths inspired UN staff, NGO representatives and other dignitaries attending the event.

IFRC appeals to support flood-hit people in Bangladesh

Sep 02, 2015 07:00 AM The floods, which began at the end of June, inundated hundreds of villages and left over 200,000 people stranded across the districts of Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and Bandarban.

Environment sustainability crucial for Smart Cities in India

Sep 02, 2015 11:48 AM With the Indian government rooting for ‘Smart Cities’ there is an urgent need to ensure environmental sustainability of these projects.
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India free of maternal, neonatal tetanus, says WHO

Aug 31, 2015 06:55 PM The UN health agency has congratulated India on the eradication of the killer disease.
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Panchayat to run water treatment plant in Bihar village

Aug 31, 2015 05:10 PM The community owned water treatment plant will provide clean drinking water to people at the nominal rates.
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Bollywood divas Alia, Priyanka and Freida bat for Girl Rising

Aug 31, 2015 02:45 PM The Girl Rising campaign is partnering with non-profits working on behalf of girls across India and around the world.

Bihar PHED launches cell for monitoring grievances

Aug 28, 2015 01:20 PM The PHED-CGRC is also developing a mobile application for the officers to view the complaint.
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Indian government launches mobile app on HIV/AIDS

Aug 19, 2015 08:07 PM This mobile application will provide complete information on HIV and help the government in reaching out to the unreached.
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LGBTs should not feel caged in our society, says Priya Dutt

Aug 20, 2015 01:00 AM Expressing solidarity with gay rights activists, Congress leader Priya Dutt said that sexuality of an individual is a private matter.
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Bihar village gears up to own water treatment plant

Aug 13, 2015 02:55 PM In its bid to fight water contamination at the local level, Khaira village in Bihar is set to launch a community owned water treatment plant.
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Digital sets to boost agricultural research in Bangladesh

Aug 12, 2015 04:20 PM The TEEAL digital sets containing more than 5 lakh articles will prove to be a boon in areas with limited access to internet.
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Activists raise concern over dwindling focus on HIV/AIDS

Aug 12, 2015 01:19 PM HIV activists from across India meet for a national consultation to discuss gaps, challenges and future strategies

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