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People's tribunal on victimisation of minorities

In the name of fighting terrorism, state atrocities against minority communities have increased in India. For the first time ever, a people's tribunal organised by various human rights organisations will document these victims' plight and expose the state's high-handedness from August 22-24, 2008 in Hyderabad.
When Aug 22, 2008 12:00 AM to
Aug 24, 2008 12:00 AM
Where Hyderabad, India
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The global fight against terrorism has veered more around witch hunting rather than curbing terrorism. 

Only people from one community are arrested, only organisations of one sort are blamed and motives too similar are rattled most of the times. Facts like members of all communities dying, including of the one being blamed for the act, or the particular community targeting its own place of worship simply go unquestioned.

Against this backdrop, an independent people’s tribunal to document the atrocities committed on innocent people is being organised from August 22-24, 2008 in Hyderabad, India.

One of the recent cases has been the case of Mecca Masjid blast in Hyderabad where state administration has targeted minority community youth, torture and humiliates them to the extent of extracting 'confessions'.

In many such incidents Muslims have faced the ire of the state as a matter of rule rather than exception whether charges against them could stand in court or fall through despite the climate generally vitiated to their detriment through constant rattling of their misdeeds, maligning their ways, castigating their faith whether consciously, sub-consciously, or unconsciously.

The Tribunal will set off this process, where a select jury of distinguished persons will hear testimonies of people drawn from not only Hyderabad but across the country who underwent arrest and interrogation by the police at the behest of State.

The organisations involved include Anhad, Human Rights Law Network and Peace in collaboration with collaboration with APCLC (Andhra Pradesh), Aman Samudaya (Gujarat), AVHRS (Gujarat), BMMA, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (Andhra Pradesh), PRS (Bhopal), PUCL (Karnataka), PUCL (Rajasthan), Human Rights Forum (Andhra Pradesh), PUHR (UP), Quami Mahaz (Gujarat), Sandarbh (MP), Siasat (Andhra Pradesh) and Asmita (Andhra Pradesh).

Victims or their close relatives, human rights activists and lawyers from over 10 states will depose before the tribunal. A report will be published within two months after the Tribunal is over.

The jury includes: Asghar Ali Engineer, Justice S.N. Bhargava, Justice Sardar Ali, K.G. Kannabiran, Kingshug Nag, Lalit Surjan, Prashant Bhushan, Professor Hargopal, Ram Puniyani, Rooprekha Verma and V.N. Rai.

Senior experts like Jyotirmaya Sharma, Zafar Agha, Kavita Srivastava, Ajit Sahi and Suresh Khairnar who have worked on the issue will speak during the three-day event.

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