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Opting out of the chaos

Endless ethnic clashes in the state since the 1990s, coupled with chronic flood and erosion, have triggered large scale migration from Assam to greener pastures outside the state. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.

Repeated mistakes in relief efforts

Despite years of conflicts and lakhs of people being housed in relief camps, the Assam government is yet to develop a practical policy of responding to the recurring crises, reports Ratna Bharali Talukdar.

Child hunger in India

This story by Nivedita talks about hunger amongst children in India.

We need to save children from hunger and malnutrition

In this story, Nivedita highlights the plight of children in flood-prone northern part of the Indian state of Bihar.

Land key to food security

According to the UNDP status report on land right and ownership in Odisha, 2008, land distribution in India is highly skewed. Read this story written by Sarada Lahangir.

Women farmers show the way

Almost half of all agricultural workers in the developing world are women. Among the women who are employed in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, two-thirds work in farming. Read this news story by Sarada Lahangir.

Women usher in sea-change in PDS

Hundreds of families in Kudumuluguma block are now benefited by PDS (public distribution system), the country's largest social security scheme for food security. All credit goes to the Nari Mukti Samaj, which has taken upon itself the task of delivering PDS stuff at the doorsteps of the people. Read this story written by Sarada Lahangir.

Swallowed by the river

Thousands of Mishings find themselves in makeshift homes along the embankments of Majuli island. The river has destroyed more than their lands and homes. Now, their very lives are at risk. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.

Floods, migration kill children

Despite government claims that there are no deaths in Bihar due to hunger, one cannot ignore the statistics which clearly indicate how floods and migration have killed scores of children, writes Nivedita.

Resident evil

Despite the pretence of its ‘prized’ location, Bhuda village in Purulia continues to be held hostage by a toxic stream and an administration that has thrown its hands up in despair, writes Soma Basu.

Brutal inheritance

Garasagma, a small village in Purulia, seems to be frozen in time since 1871. The difference between primitive tribal Sabars and predominantly land-owning Mahatos is stark ~ symptomatic of a stubborn adherence to feudal ways even as the rest of the country has moved on after Independence, writes Soma Basu.

A permanent address at the river's edge

A permanent address at the river's edge

Families in Majuli island are used to the vagaries of the Brahmaputra. But the floods this year have been particularly harsh on them. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.

Whither food security?

Despite food grains being supposedly made available at subsidised rate to almost forty-seven per cent of total population, women in Indian state of Odisha are struggling hard to secure food for their children, reports Sarada Lahangir.

Flood-displaced kids doomed to starvation

In the year 2004, Mithila Gram Vikas Parishad (Mithila Village Development Council) after a survey, ascertained that the death of 21 children was due to their displacement during the Kosi floods, writes Nivedita.


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