Kavita Kishore

The Hindu
Based in Puducherry in Tamil South, Kavita writes on health and education issues. Under the POSHAN fellowship, she will do a comparison of health issues and the impact of government schemes in the two districts of Tamil Nadu – Puducherry and Villupuram.


Weaning food nutritious, but not so palatable

For the past few years, young children have been given weaning food through Integrated Child Development Scheme to help improve their nutrition.

Puducherry anganwadis no longer serving hot food

In a tiny anganwadi centre in Muthialpet at the border of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, the anganwadi worker, Saraswati, has a tiffin box filled with curd rice. She proceeds to take turns to feed the young children, who are sitting on the floor.

Changes to midday meals make for tastier experience

Till a year back, the School Education Department served eggs on a daily basis as its protein supplement, in the midday meal scheme. Once the price of eggs became high, the Department was forced to change its tack.

Malnourishment affects recovery among cancer-hit children

Although there is a 70 to 90 per cent chance of curing paediatric cancer at an early stage, malnourishment among children come as a major hindrance to the child’s ability to survive.

Anganwadis yet to use new standards of nutrition to collect data

In 2009, the Central government issued an order asking the Integrated Child Development Scheme to collect data using the World Health Organisation standards for nutrition.

Puducherry has lacunas in ICDS implementation

A long bar is hung on a rope from a beam. On one end of the bar is a long strap that is attached to a harness of sorts and a little child sits inside while the Anganwadi worker adds more weight on one end until the bar is perfectly horizontal.

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