Malavika Vyawahare

malavika-OP-fellow.jpgNew York Times
Delhi Bureau
Delhi-based Malavika does writing and research for the New York Times. For the POSHAN fellowship, besides looking at government schemes critically, she will also examine culture-specific issues like the role of a mother-in-law as a care-giver and the nutritional intake of women during Ramadan.

Malnutrition ravages India’s children
Bandrichiwadi is a picturesque and poor village in the mountainous Jawhar area in the district of Thane. Jawhar, about 150 kilometers (93 miles) east of the megacity of Mumbai, is home to various tribes, who are among the most marginalized sections of Indian society.

India’s battle against nutrition data deficiency
Being underweight is a common indicator of both short- and long-term malnutrition in children, and government workers can help prevent health problems from worsening by catching the signs of malnutrition early.

To lower maternal deaths, India urged to reconsider role of midwives

In this village 30 miles south of Kolkata, three generations of women have depended on Saira Bewa to deliver their babies.

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