Neha Dixit

NehaDixit-OP-fellow.jpgFreelance Journalist
An investigative reporter, Neha will write on socio-cultural reasons for undernutrition, will focus on some of the marginalised communities and look at the reach of government schemes related to women and child development in the tribal areas of Kerala.

When patriarchy is a scheme to conquer malnutrition

Mewat is a living example of how Haryana government has failed to look at malnutrition amongst adolescent girls as a socio-economic problem.

Racing rats or racing food

Caste discrimination percolates down to the food plates for Musahar community in Madhepura district of Bihar.

Organised marginalization

There is an alarming fall in the population of Attappadi tribals due to declining birth rates and life expectancy and influx of settlers.

The White Tiger Girls

Malnutrition is a big contributor to the low child sex ratio in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. The girls of the Kol tribe are suffering.


The Hiranyakashyaps of Uttar Pradesh

With sixty percent children malnourished in the state, the implementation of the Integrated Child Development Services, the largest scheme to provide nutrition to children in the country, is nothing but a sham.

Madhya Pradesh: ‘Malnutrition ka dil dekho’

As the Madhya Pradesh government sanctions a Rs. 150 crore budget for the state tribal museum, the tribals in the state suffer malnutrition and are forced to migrate.

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