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The Kolkata-based writer’s work appears in mainstream and the development media. Under the POSHAN project, she will look at some successful food schemes of West Bengal even as raising questions about the anemic health of women and malnutrition of tribal communities in Jharkhand.

Musahars still on the brink of starvation
Despite the progress of the twenty-first century, there seems to be no hope for the Musahar kids. Sanju Devi, a nineteen-year-old woman and a mother of two girls who is pregnant for the third time is praying to the almighty that she be blessed with a baby boy this time. “If a daughter is born, my family would kill her,”laments Sanju Devi.

Musahar kids devoid of breastfeeding
According to a UN report, fifty percent of children in Bihar are underweight which is much more than the national average. According to a report by the state government on the downtrodden sections, more than eighty percent of the children are suffering from anemia. More than 90 per cent of the girls in the dalit communities have been found to have abysmally low levels of iron.

Death of newborns in West Bengal
For the past one year, twenty-two-year-old Shikha Gudiya from Pather Pratima block of West Bengal, is visiting Sewayaan Maternity Home in the Twenty-Four Parganas district with her one-year-old child.Last year when she gave birth to a baby with a low weight, there was very little chance of saving the baby. The child could only be saved with the help of regular supply of multi-vitamin tablets from the maternity home.

Amlasol women still fighting acute food insecurity
The small village of Amlasol, in the East Indian state of West Bengal, came into limelight because of hunger deaths a decade ago. But even ten years after that Saabar Tribals of this small village are still struggling to make ends meet and are till date being tormented by sickness, starvation and malnutrition.

Quality food is a far-fetched fantasy for these women

The Jungle Mahal region of West Bengal, which spans the three districts of West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia, used to be notorious for providing safe passage to Maoist rebels transiting between Bengal and neighbouring Jharkhand.

Kitchen gardens helping people fight malnutrition in urban areas

Poor people living in urban areas have got some hope of nutritional food by cultivating vegetables in the kitchen gardens.

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