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Green practices at The Imperial, Delhi

Jun 05, 2012

The Imperial, Delhi, is celebrating the 2012 World Environment Day with an art installation, holding art competitions, undertaking cleanliness drives, hosting green luncheons and encouraging forestation. Senior Executive Vice President & General Manager Vijay Wanchoo mentions the other initiatives that make the hotel green.

When a hotel ensures conservation of water, fuel and energy and has systems in place to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, it is considered green.  At The Imperial, we have asked our suppliers to reduce packaging material. We recycle paper and send waste to recyclers. The recycling initiatives also include processing of all printed stationary for notes, internal posters etc. We firmly discourage deforestation and regularly recycle metal and oil wastage.

Steps towards effective waste management

We use recycled waste water for gardening. Apart from that we send waste food to piggery farms / NGOs and waste oil for recycling. We hope to install a biogas plant for effective waste management to generate eco-friendly gas for cooking. This will in turn also reduce carbon emission in the environment.

Commitment towards the local communities- Acknowledging the role of hospitality sector and ensuring Green growth and Green economy, The Imperial intends to initiate positive action and advocate partnerships among all human beings living on this one planet and sharing a common future. Going green is an ongoing endeavour at The Imperial. Going green makes business sense as it enables in optimizing the use of resources. We also need to act in our self interest because awareness about the environment is increasing and guests are discerning. Elucidating the outcome of what a responsible act of any organisation can produce for any exponential impact, The Imperial has undertaken an array of activities, pledging towards becoming a green hotel in operations, advocating and inducing actions at all levels within the hotel and instigating the city to become conscious about the environment it lives in.

Alternative energy sources in your property
We use CFL lamps, occupancy sensor light controls ( in locker rooms), energy  saver cards for guest rooms, variable frequency drive motors and timers for building lights, rain water harvesting and fresh air units for alternative energy resources.  Besides, we have dual flushing system in toilets, bio blocks for urinals and self closing taps in staff toilets. The Imperial associates are trained to save electrical energy, water and fuel. 

Future actions include installation of CFC- free equipments for refrigeration, replacing the pumps with VFD systems (Variable Frequency Drive) that will consume electricity as per the requirement, installation of solar lighting fixtures for plantation areas and Solar water heating system and not to miss, placing water recycle plant for gardening, flushing systems and cooling towers. 

The Imperial has a plan to replace the coal fired Tandoor with the Semi Automatic Chapatti Machine run by Natural Gas which in turn will reduce tons of carbon emission in the environment. The energy used in this machine will only be 6% which will be extremely beneficial for energy saving.

Measures towards electricity conservation
The Imperial has undertaken conservation of electricity by switching off lights in common areas when not in use. We also reduce the numbers of lights consumption of electricity during night hours in the corridors etc. Earth Hour is followed every week wherein lights are switched off in many areas for one hour.

Eco friendly amenities 
The Imperial provides natural products like herbal soaps and use eco-friendly cleaning agents. We also encourage guests to contribute towards the environment by not requesting for change of towel and linen, if not required. 

Reducing our carbon footprint

The use of Choloro flouro carbons is being phased out from refrigeration equipment and use of natural light, air and heat is under implementation in our restaurants.

The other activities include usage of Halon free fire extinguishers, discouraging the use of highly effluent fuels like Diesel and LPG, PNG (Pipe Natural Gas) in Boilers and Kitchens to reduce carbon emission in the environment. 

Solar Water heating system and Bio gas plants are some of the initiatives to reduce carbon emission in the air we breathe in. 

Practices towards sourcing local/organic food ingredients

We source local food from select retailers. Organic food sourcing is in the process of implementation

Sustainable practices
The Imperial is focused on creating eco awareness amongst all its stakeholders by holding art competitions, undertaking cleanliness drives to celebrate World Environment Day, hosting green luncheons and encouraging forestation amongst our associates. 

About The Imperial
The Imperial, one of the finest luxury hotels in Asia, has been awarded the Trip Advisor 2012 Travellers’ Choice Hotel Award and is the No.1 Indian hotel in Luxury category. In addition to the above accolade, The Imperial is ranked by Travel + Leisure USA as the No.1 Hotel in Delhi for 500 The Best Hotels in the World Award in January 2012 and World Luxury Hotel Award 2011 has awarded it as the Best Luxury Hotel in India. The Imperial is a fine confluence of rich historical past with an awe inspiring heritage and a slick international appeal. Stroll through corridors filled with rare and original art, dine in award-winning restaurants, experience haven of relaxation at The Imperial spa and salon and wander in lush, cool gardens nestled amidst royal palms…your tranquil escape in the heart of bustling New Delhi

For further information please contact 

Ruchi Jain 

Asst. Public Relations Manager 

The Imperial

Janpath, New Delhi; Tel: 41501234 Ext: 6703

Handphone: 9873425803



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