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Student group urges Mumbaiites to vote in the municipal elections

Feb 07, 2017

A Mumbai based student group is urging people to take 15 minutes out to vote for the future of Mumbai.

New Delhi: In 2012, when the elections to choose the representatives for Mumbai’s Municipal Corporation were undertaken, an embarrassingly low number turned out. Only 45% of Mumbai decided to come out and vote.

Seeing this, a group of students in Mumbai has formed Vote for Mumbai – a digital initiative to create awareness among citizens of the city to ensure that they take out 15 minutes of their time to vote for the future of what will define the next 5 years of their city.

The group is lead by students who are a collective from HR College, Jai Hind College, Mithibai College, Vivekananda College, KC College and GLC.

The goal of the campaign is to reach out primarily to first time voters & the pending 55% of Mumbai whodid not cast a vote last election. With almost 98% of Mumbai digitally connected the group believes that it can reach out to everyone.

“The new BMC committee that will be elected, will be elected by the people. If only 45% of 12 million people showed up, the party that would be elected would not be a proper representation of whom the people of Mumbai want to address their concerns towards and want in charge of their city. Our 55% will help decide the fate of our very city for the next five years. And hence, ‘vote for Mumbai’ aims to get these 55% of the population to go to the polling booths and cast their votes.” say the students.

Through the digital initiative, the students want to highlight important issues such as the fact that complaints related to the city’s water supply have increased by 13% every year, that the BMC has a surplus of 43,000+ Crore locked in Fixed deposits and that 130 Crore was spent on upgrading the BMCs IT infrastructure – a look at the BMC website will tell you how well that money has been spent.

The Digital initiative, apart from getting Mumbaikars to vote, wants to engage Mumbaikars in asking questions to the incumbents in the BMC and ensure that all the parties have reasonable answers to the points raised so that citizens have an informed vote.

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