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Victims of misuse of gender biased laws voice their concern

Mar 11, 2018

A legal seminar organized by Save Family Foundation on 14th Foundation Day of Save Indian Family Movement discussed about misuse of gender biased laws in India.

New Delhi: Save Family Foundation in association with Men Welfare Trust on Sunday organized a legal seminar, ‘Hope-For-Men’ on the 14th Foundation Day of Save Indian Family Movement.

‘Hope-For-Men’ was a fight back session for victims of misuse of gender biased laws such as 498A, Dowry Prohibition Act, Rape Laws, Domestic Violence Act, 377 (unnatural sex), CRPC 125 amongst others. The session which was held at The Indian Society of International Law, saw participation from more than 300 victims from across New Delhi, National Capital Region and other states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

The session was attended by Sudhanshu Ranjan, a well-known news anchor, author and RTI Activist; and Shamim Akhtar, former SDM, author and social worker.

Amit Lakhani, Founder President of Men Welfare Trust said, “We live in a time when laws are made for the female gender, in complete violation of Article 15 of the Constitution of India, which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. There are no laws to protect men, which again violates the right of Equality based on gender, conferred to every citizen of India by the Constitution. Given this background, men in India need to have knowledge about the laws, their rights and how they can fight false cases filed against them by women and their families”.

He added, “At the seminar, we also created awareness about the growing incidents of false rape, molestation, stalking and similar cases against men, and how men can fight such cases. It is unfortunate that majority of the voice of India is not recognized and have no rights. We hope that the government will take note of this and will create a more just society by way of making laws gender neutral and creating a ministry or commission for the welfare and protection of men”.

The session had focused sessions around the following topics:

Criminal Laws: Criminal laws such as 498A, 406, 377 (unnatural sex), 354 (molestation), 376 (rape) etc; why they were made and how they are being grossly misused; and how men and their families can safeguard themselves

Divorce and maintenance laws: Domestic Violence Act, CRPC 125, When to file divorce, how to fight maintenance cases

Dealing with the police: What men and their families can do when false cases are filed, when to take anticipatory bail, how to deal with the police, various stages of investigation etc

Evidence: How to collect evidence against vindictive wives and their families, what evidences you can secure and which are admissible in courts

Dealing with the lawyers: Do your homework and not rely completely on lawyers; and how men can fight their own cases

Understanding Indian Courts: Understanding the judiciary; important judgements and how to navigate the legal system

Significantly, the seminar created hope for men in despair and helped build courage for victims to fight their cases against all odds.

It is important to understand that men are highly vulnerable and need their rights. As per NCRB data, each year more than 93,000 men commit suicides in India, which is twice that of women. Millions of men have been victims of several gender biased laws in India and face unfair discrimination.

SIF gets over 150 calls every day from Male victims of Rape, Marital Rape and those who are accused of similar false cases on its Helpline 8882498498. It is important for the government to realize this gross discrimination and move towards a better and just culture which also sees and protects the rights of men.

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