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Even after 5 years things haven't changed: Nirbhaya’s mother

Dec 18, 2017

There is a need of strong law against women atrocities and there is a need of change in the mentality of every person, said Asha Devi, mother of Nirbhaya.

New Delhi: Though December 16 will always be a blemish for Delhi’s heart which will be annually remembered as the voice of Nirbhaya continues to resonate. Despite her accused being awarded punishment, it would be never easy to fill the wound endured by her parents. However, the Delhi rape victim should be remembered not just for Nirbhaya’s extraordinary courage but also for raising a curtain on different kinds of violence the women in India are made to go through.

The infamous Delhi gangrape case of 2012, often dubbed as the ‘Nirbhaya’ case, was an unfortunate incident that brought tens of thousands on the streets in protest and soon turned into a wave against issues of sexual violence. It would be foolish to imagine that the swiftness with which the Delhi gang rape was dealt would have been a deterrent on future acts of violence. But it does appear to have set in motion a fundamental rethinking about violence on women.

In memory of beloved Nirbhaya, her parents observe Nirbhaya Chetna Divas every year. Like every year, this year also the day was observed at Constitution Club, New Delhi, where Nirbhaya was first given a floral tribute. The audience kept a two-minute silence in her honour followed by a discussion on the safety scenario of women in the country.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Every year we all gather on this date and look back and see how we have worked towards improving the safety conditions in the city and what needs improvement further. I promise that next year when we meet to pay tribute to Nirbhaya I will present my balance sheet in front of you and tell you on what all steps I have worked for women safety. I promise to install street lamps and CCTVs in the city. I invite the people of Delhi to send me details of dark spots and other “unsafe” areas and the government will install cameras and lights free of cost there”.

After the gruesome incident, people were confident that things would change but they haven’t. The Nirbhaya Chetna Divas not only pays tribute to fearless Nirbhaya, it also voices of atrocities on girls and women.

Present at the occasion, Sarvesh Tiwari, General Secretary of Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust said, "Nirbhaya today is the voice of the girls who are fighting against tyranny. The objective of the Trust is to help such women and subsequently, we will all be able to offer true tribute to this brave daughter. It is necessary that the society and the government should work together in this direction to improve the women safety.”

“When I saw the entire country standing for Nibhaya justice, I thought things would change, but daughters are still becoming the victims of heinous crimes. I lost my daughter but her accused are still alive. Justice should be given on time so that people have their faith on it. There is a need of strong law against it and there is a need of change in the mentality of every person, whether he is a politician or a commoner,” said Asha Devi, mother of Nirbhaya.

Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust founded by the parents of Nirbhaya helps women who are fighting for the justice. Her mother leaves no stone unturned to help every woman who is the victim of any heinous crime.

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