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Fuel-strapped India marks energy conservation day

Dec 14, 2012

With India grappling with an enormous cost of imported fuel, it makes sense for the sub-continent to spread awareness for energy conservation.

Today is India’s National Energy Conservation Day, celebrated this day every year to create awareness on efficient use of energy and its conservation.

In terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) prices, petrol is costlier in India than most countries making it imperative for the country to spread the message of energy conservation. Rocketing petrol prices (India stands 99 in terms of the price of the liquid commodity, or simply put, petrol is cheaper in 98 countries when compared to India) are forcing policy and decision makers and consuming citizens alike to sit up.

Anil Razdan, Energy Consultant and ex- Power Secretary, Government of India, views India as very reliable market for energy.  Razdan feels that India’s demand for energy can fuel its growth trajectory. Yet, the truth is that its robust demand for power is only matched by its shortage and, consequently, high costs.

“Integration of renewable energy in the regular power grid by implementing intelligent grid solutions will be helpful in the efficient deployment of power generated from the renewable sources,” Razdan told OneWorld South Asia in an earlier interview.

Razdan feels regular fuel availability, good tariff regulations and better performance by distributing companies has the ability to provide solutions to some of the country’s current energy challenges.

Himadri B Pakrasi, Director of Washington University's International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES), said developing countries like India should do more to make biofuels accessible. “The countries will go bankrupt paying for the fuels like oil and gas. So, one should look for alternatives like the biofuels,” he said.

“In a place like India, there is so much money spent on importing oil that it makes sense to develop biofuel technologies,” Pakrasi said.

Conservation of energy implies an efficient use of available energy and avoiding excessive or wasteful uses.
Various workshops, seminars and talk sessions within the industry and commercial establishments as well as educational institutions and consumers are being organised across the country to mark the occasion.

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