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IBM helps organisations that help the under-priviledged

Apr 01, 2013

IBM got together an 11 person team to help aid various organisations in Kolkata that work to help the under-privileged. IBM has been doing this since 2009, and this has been a part of IBM's Corporate Service Corps work.

IBM has shared the results of a pro bono IBM Corporate Service Corps engagement, in which a team of IBM experts provided marketing, technological and operational guidance for organisations that provide social services, jobs and energy to the under-privileged.

The 11-person IBM team, hailing from nine countries, was the 19th group since 2009 to provide assistance to India as part of IBM's Corporate Service Corps, which provides problem-solving assistance to governmental agencies, educational institutions, small businesses, non governmental organisations and social service providers in emerging markets.

Over the last month, the IBM team worked with ONergy, which provides energy from renewable energy sources to the disadvantaged. IBM provided recommendations to sharpen ONergy's marketing, inventory management, technical support, finance and computer system integration efforts, and to do so with a maximum of efficiency and with a minimum of financial expenditure.

IBM also formulated a communications strategy to help Prayasam, a non-governmental organisation that helps disadvantaged children educate peers about exercising preventative health habits. Prayasam was given advice for making their work more structured and professional. This will help it become an even more trusted consultancy with a greater say in the shaping of national policies designed to assist marginalised sectors of society.

For United Way Kolkata, a non governmental organisation that assists the needy, the IBM Corporate Service Corps team developed a five-year marketing and branding strategy to help it increase visibility, amplify fundraising, become more effective and improve network building -- particularly as the organisation expands into areas such as education and health.

Finally, IBM helped implement a supply chain system for For Sukanya, a speciality retailer created and managed by economically and socially disadvantaged women. The new system will help this organisation keep better track of supplier shipments, inventory and sales. Knowing how its products move will enable the group to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively.

IBM's Corporate Service Corps provides access to sophisticated expertise that helps improve local conditions, enhances government services and fosters job creation. Team members, who are among IBM’s top talent, offer skills in areas that include information technology, research, marketing, finance, consulting, human resources and law.

Since 2009, 19 Corporate Service Corps teams have provided assistance to many India cities and to at least 65 not for profit organisations. Last year, the Indian cities of Coimbatore, Cochin, Indore and Chandigarh hosted IBM Corporate Service Corps teams, where they assisted with projects involving education, technology security, social services, small business, economic development, healthcare and the environment.

Corporate Service Corps is considered the largest program of its kind. By year's end, approximately 2,100 IBM employees based in 50 countries will have been dispatched on more than 750 team assignments in 33 countries since the founding of Corporate Service Corps five years ago, in 2008.

"This diverse and talented IBM team was gratified and energised to work with such a variety of worthwhile organisations that provided needs services and resources to marginalised sectors of society," said Mamtha Sharma, Manager of Corporate Citizenship & Community Affairs for IBM India and South Asia. "They considered it a real privilege to make last contributions to the success of these groups, and are proud that their assistance will make a real difference even after they return home.”

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