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Legal system has failed to deliver in India, says eminent lawyer

Sep 10, 2012

Eminent lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani tells Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia that poor enforcement, scarred officials, low salaries of judges and the general political compulsions are among the main reasons for the failure to enforce laws related to corruption in India.

Mahesh Jethmalani

Corruption prevails because of poor enforcement. Our legal system has failed to deliver because a lot of people, who are responsible for the law enforcement – including police officers and other such officers – are scarred to prosecute powerful people involved in corruption at the higher levels.

The other reason why corruption cannot be checked effectively is that judges in general are poorly paid. This is particularly true for those in the lower judiciary.

Many people responsible for the law enforcement do not do it for monetary reasons alone. But there are sometimes political reasons that make these people remain aloof to the scourge of corruption.

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