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Teen girl launches life saving mission in Gorakhpur

Sep 12, 2017

Khushi Chandra was deeply affected by the loss of innocent lives due to lack of oxygen in the north Indian district of Gorakhpur.

Gorakhpur: In the month of September, several children died tragically in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh due to a lack of Oxygen supply at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital – a painful yet preventable tragedy.

Deeply affected by the loss of innocent lives in her home town but equally inspired to bring change, a young, inspirational girl aged 15-year old, khushi chandra, has launched a nonprofit organisation Oxygen Gorakhpur, to raise awareness of the tragedy and motivate citizens, volunteers and contributors, to prevent such an unfortunate loss from ever occurring again.

Oxygen Gorakhpur aims to enrich the lives of those suffering from any medical conditions through a firm promise of security and will focus on providing a continuous supply of Oxygen to hospitals across Gorakhpur by delivering Oxygen cylinders to meet the sufficient requirements of any hospital. The future ambition of Oxygen Gorakhpur is to introduce Oxygen delivery services by allocating Oxygen provision vans to transport Oxygen cylinders to hospitals.

By instilling a sense of security and citizenship in both the young and old alike, the nonprofit intends to send an affirmative and poignant message to citizens that not only their health but the lives are a prime concern of their neighbours and community members. Oxygen Gorakhpur aims to reach out to volunteers for support and to help spread awareness, so that the patients in hospitals across the city may develop to their full mental and spiritual capacities. Oxygen Gorakhpur also aims to serve and protect the youth, by demonstrating support, encouragement and communicating values of relief, and finally to empower fellow citizens to take action and change the world around them.

Speaking about the launch of Oxygen Gorakhpur, Khushi Chandra said, “This tragedy was something that could have been prevented. No child can be denied the right to life, and in this case the right to breathe. This is very personal for me as it happened right at my doorstep in my home-town, Gorakhpur,” she said.

“India spends less than one per cent its GDP on public health but I deeply feel that protecting lives should also be a human responsibility. Therefore, as an accountable citizen of my city and my country, I feel responsible towards ensuring such tragedies do not happen again,” she added.

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