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"Transparency and accountability must to fight corruption in India"

Oct 17, 2012

India's head of minorities commission shares with the Governance Knowledge Centre why corruption continues to thrive in modern times and focuses on the disconnect that needs to be bridged for a clean-up act.

Wajahat Habibullah

When he was offered the position of being India's first Chief Information Commissioner, Wajahat Habibullah, wondered if it was any great job providing people information. As he said, the bureaucrat in him never hesitated sharing information with the public.

As days rolled by, he realised how challenging it was to share information and how many hurdles came in the way.

India's first information commissioner demitted that office to head the country's minorities commission.  Habibullah has recently expressed his views on how the right to information is of essence to combat corruption in the light of the ongoing debate on corruption in the country. In his blog on the Government of India's Governance Knowledge Portal, Habibullah has written on why, despite so many laws, corruption remains such a disturbing issue, provoking people to take to the streets.

Please click here to read his blog.

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