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I want girls to feel that they are not lesser than boys: Tiger Shroff

May 26, 2017

Tiger Shroff said that he is a fan of Sakshi Malik who not only won the medal at Olympics but is also inspiring millions of other girls.

Tiger Shroff

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff who is also a martial artist attended the Super Fight League, a mixed martial arts (MMA) league, with his sister Krishna Shroff at Siri Fort in New Delhi. In an interview with Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia, Shroff tells that girls need to equip themselves with martial arts for better confidence. Excerpts from the interview:

OneWorld South Asia: How important is it for girls on Indian streets to fight back?

Tiger Shroff: It is important at the moment, especially in present times. I want every school in India to incorporate martial arts in their Physical Training (PT) programmes. I wish, someday, I reach a point where my voice has some value and I am able to convince people about the importance of martial arts, especially for the safety of girls.

OWSA: How do you think sports stars like Rio Olympics bronze-medallist Sakshi Malik can lead girls towards empowerment?

Tiger: I am definitely a fan of Sakshi Malik. She is doing wonders and I think this is just the beginning for all these wonderful athletes who are rising and inspiring other girls.

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be there where they are now. I think the more support we give them, the more they are allowed to speak, they will inspire many more.

OWSA: What are your views on sports culture in India?

Tiger: I don’t think sports education in India is getting the emphasis it needs to get. I think we need to bring that up a lot more. I am myself very keen for sports right from my childhood. If I had not been an actor I would definitely have been a football player today.

OWSA: Any message for girls who have to face so many difficulties on our streets?

Tiger: I want girls to feel that they are not lesser than us, the men or boys. We are all humans, we have two arms and two legs, so we are all equal.

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