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Men passing lewd comments at women should be sent to jail: Kapil Sharma

Jan 06, 2014

Kapil Sharma, a stand-up Indian comedian, Comedy Nights With Kapil, in an interview with OneWorld South Asia, said that people who pass lewd comments on women should be put behind bars. Sharma was in New Delhi for the launch of a nation-wide campaign, ‘Honour Our Women’.

Kapil Sharma

OneWorld South Asia: How can we build a woman-friendly environment?

Kapil Sharma: Before blaming anyone else for the deteriorating situation of women in our society, we should think about changing our mindset. Once we have changed ourselves only then we attain a moral right of transforming other people. Lip service alone to the cause of women is not enough.

Even people, who have been found guilty of not giving due respect to women in society should be given proper counseling so that they can develop a healthy attitude towards women.

OWSA: What according to you is the right punishment for those who sexually harass a woman?

Sharma: I feel the wrongdoers will have to pay the price in their life time. Both hell and heaven could be experienced in this world. People should set up an example by changing themselves individually.

Those people who pass lewd comments on women should be strictly dealt with by the law and put behind bars.

OWSA: How can sensitization towards women begin from the family?

Sharma: The change which we seek in the society has to begin from everywhere including our homes, schools and colleges. Men should set an example for kids by respecting women in the family.

OWSA: How can entertainers like you help in changing the atmosphere in favour of women?

Sharma: Entertainers like me can send a strong message to the society. (If) People today know me and like me, (it is) because of my work.

I cannot give a speech on preventing harassment of women but, through my shows I try to build a positive attitude in people. If I am able to change even one person through my efforts, it would be worth it.

OWSA: How can men be involved in bringing a positive change in our attitude towards women?

Sharma: Yes, men have to be involved for changing the current scenario. Why should any man cast an evil eye on a woman?

If only men start thinking as to how they would feel if their sisters have to face obscene behavior, most of our problems would be addressed. It will certainly take time to change the centuries old perception harboured by men of our society. It cannot happen overnight.

The onus of bringing the desired change lies on us. Only we, particularly the younger lot, can do a lot in improving the situation on the ground level.

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