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My show ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ will inspire women: Meinal

Mar 11, 2014

Meinal Vaisnav plays the lead character of Dr Sneha for a new sitcom ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ on India’s national broadcaster Doordarshan. In an interview with OneWorld South Asia, Meinal said that the show is all about women empowerment. Excerpts from the interview.

Meinal Vaisnav

OneWorld South Asia: How will the show ‘Main kuch bhi Kar sakti hoon’ (I, a woman, can achieve anything’) promote women empowerment?

Meinal Vaisnav: Our show MKBKSH is all about women empowerment. It deals with very sensitive and relevant issues such as family planning, underage marriages, right to education, right to equality, etc. The show shall be an inspiration to not only the women but the whole society. The title itself says it all.

OWSA: The story revolves around the inspiring journey of Sneha Mathur, a doctor working in Mumbai. How difficult was it for you to play the role of Dr Sneha?

Vaisnav: It was not at all difficult for me to play the role of Dr Sneha because I totally connect with her. I am a small town girl myself who moved out with a bigger purpose in life. Just like Sneha, I am also an emotional person who gets affected by other's pain but at the same time I am also career conscious and believe in being independent.

However, performing Dr Sneha with such simplicity was a difficult task as we tend to ‘act’. And that's where Feroz Abbas Khan, my Director, came to my help and guided me to perform better and better each day. But for him, I would not be here.

OWSA: How do you think the character of Dr Sneha represents the young Indian women of today who thrive despite numerous challenges?

Vaisnav: Dr Sneha Mathur is a young woman from a conservative society. But she chooses to study further and make an identity of her own. She is a cultured and traditional girl with progressive thinking. In her journey she challenges everything that has been going wrong and understands her social responsibility.

She is a loving daughter, a caring sister, a responsible professional and a good human being who is concerned about the people around her. Sneha is an epitome of an Indian woman who knows how to balance her professional and personal life in spite of facing so many challenges everyday.

OWSA: How do you think this television series will address the age old challenges of sex selection, early marriage, early and repeated pregnancies and under nutrition of girls?

Vaisnav: This TV series not only educates but inspires. And, it does so not by simply informing the audience through some lecture but through a story. The TV series sets an example of entertainment education. It entertains the audience through story-telling, in a way that identifies with the day to day life of its audience.

And, within that story, it educates. The plot of the series inculcates in it the evil consequences of sex selection, early marriage, early and repeated pregnancies without spacing, education for women, malnutrition, and many more such issues related to women, in a very interesting way.

OWSA: How does this programme deal with the issues of domestic violence and sensitization of boys?

Vaisnav: This TV series also deals with the issue of domestic violence and sensitisation of boys. It is through a good upbringing that men can be taught to respect women. If every boy is taught to respect women, there will be lesser crimes against women. The status of women will improve not only by their own efforts but also by the cooperation of the men in the society.  The show also displays the situations of domestic violence as well as the root causes for it. Not only that, it also gives a solution for the problems.

OWSA: How in your opinion ‘Main kuch bhi Kar sakti hoon’ will change the societal attitude on women’s reproductive health?

Vaisnav: MKBKSH challenges the societal attitude on women's reproductive health. It shows through its story, some incidences which deal with the issues of early and repeated pregnancy. It also discards sex selection which is a major cause of late abortions. Being a Gynecologist, Dr Sneha deals with many such issues.

OWSA: In what way does actor Meinal Vaisnav associate herself with the protagonist of ‘Main kuch bhi Kar sakti hoon’?

Vaisnav: Meinal Vaisnav totally identifies with Dr Sneha. Just like Sneha, I am also a small town girl who came to a big city with a dream. Personally, I have always been a feminist all my life and the very reason to do this show was its noble cause. It would be a matter of pride if our show could bring about even a small change in the society, although we are hoping for a transformation. A gender sensitive, a gender equal society will make us proud citizens of the world.

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