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Step out of house and conquer: Alia Bhatt to Indian girls

Aug 01, 2013

Bollywood’s rising star and the 'Student of the Year' heroine, Alia Bhatt, in an interview with Ashok Kumar urged Indian girls to break the stereotypes for accomplishing their dreams. Excerpts from the interview.

Alia Bhatt

OneWorld South Asia: How do you think girls in India can make their way in this male dominated society?

Alia Bhatt: Girls can rule the world and could be at the top of the world. A woman is not just a woman. She is a seed behind every plant. Most of the girls are brilliant and intelligent but they do not get enough scope to realise their potential.

The fact that girls are being pushed down shows that it is a man’s world but it is not true. The notion that this world belongs to men is false. I am not against men but it is a woman’s world. Women should strongly oppose the notion that ‘It is a man’s world’.

OWSA: What makes you think that women can take over men?

Alia: Women have a strong state of mind and the ideologies that they believe. The ideology of woman is much stronger.

OWSA: What message do you have for the young men of this country?

Alia: Young men should help young girls to live up to their dreams. They should take it as their responsibility to push girls for education. If their dream is to get married and build a home, so be it.

But if girls wish to fish out more than that, then they should not be held back because of societal pressures.

If girls hide behind the walls of house they cannot achieve what they want to. If I had not taken the decision of entering films, I could not have seen what I have at such a young age. Age does not make a difference. You can conquer the world at any age.

Stepping out of the house means stepping out of the box and the comfort zone, for achieving what you always wanted to.

OWSA: Who is your role model and why?

Alia: My mother is my role model. I have seen how she has led her life. At the age of seventeen went to London. She could take three jobs at a time and staying for her drama school all by herself.

My mother did not want my grandparents to take the burden of her dreams and aspirations. She has brought up me and my sister so beautifully even while she was working.

OWSA: How important do you think is education for women’s empowerment?

Alia: I have studied only up to twelfth standard. But I have a powerful drive to achieve what I want to.

Women should follow their dreams. People can achieve wonders even without going for formal education, if they have the driving spirit for their goals.

Education should not be limited to books. Education could also be through work, culture and even values.

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