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'For achieving MDGs, the onus lies on national governments'

Jan 09, 2009

The world has resources to wipe out poverty and deprivation and there is no excuse for inaction. In a recent interview to BBC’s HARDtalk, Salil Shetty, Director, UN Millennium Campaign talks about some of the pressing challenges that impede the realisation of development targets by 2015.

Figures from the UN suggest that in 2009 the number of undernourished people in the world will top one billion for the first time.

It's an alarming milestone and the Director of the UN Millennium Campaign, Salil Shetty, has one of the world's impossible jobs. He must persuade governments to make good on their promises to slash rates of global poverty, disease and illiteracy by 2015.

In an interview with Stephen Sackur from BBC’s HARDtalk, he calls on poor countries to mobilise greater domestic resources to fight hunger and urges rich countries to allocate funds to make up for the GDP that poor countries are forecast to lose as a result of the global financial crisis.

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