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Sustainable actions need to be incentivised: Miss Climate 2019 first runner-up

Dec 25, 2019

Reducing width of major rivers, increasing pollution of other minor rivers, is a visible sign of climate change in my city, says first runner-up at Miss Climate 2019 pageant.

Kinshook Gairola from Dehradun was crowned as first runner up at Miss Climate -2019 pageant. In an interview to OneWorld South Asia, Kinshook said that climate friendly actions need to be incentivised. Excerpts from the interview:

OneWorld South Asia: What inspired you to compete for the the Miss Climate contest 2019?

Kinshook Gairola: I am a B.Tech graduate and being aware of what's going on around me, with respect to our environment and how our actions have been destroying our own planet at a pace which will not sustain for more than a century, is what triggered me.

Despite the various agreements and goals set on the international fronts like Paris Agreement, we are lagging behind and as a millennial I find myself responsible enough to stand for this cause.

OWSA: How do you think beauty pageants can spread the awareness on climate change more effectively?

Kinshook: Beauty is something which lies inside you and the eyes of the beholder and not necessarily the exterior. The way you think and act is what beauty is. If you know how to take care of yourself, you definitely will take care of the environment and people around you. And this beauty will definitely appeal to large and wide.

OWSA: When did you first get to know about the crisis called climate change?

Kinshook: Being from a beautiful and serene place grew up around tall, shady trees. With the rapid infrastructural development and shedding off of thousand of trees around the entire city alarmed me and today we see the consequences of blunt summers.

Additionally, with the global statistics of rising temperatures around Europe, is when I realised the threat of climate crisis.

OWSA: As a climate change ambassador, how would you help in spreading awareness among people?

Kinshook: Social media today is a platform where people are more active than the physical world, which can be used.

Additionally, our home and our neighbours where we got to start from to create awareness in a way that people understand and incentivise them for the changes so that they join in.

OWSA: What according to you is the most visible threat related to climate change?

Kinshook: Firstly, the widespread existence of polyethene not just at macro level but even at nano-level which is not visible to the naked eye. It gets consumed by the aquatic animals and hence by humans and relentlessly stays in our ecosystem.

Secondly, with existent industrial emissions not just in air but in water as well, is extensively hazardous to human health with proven results throughout the country.

In my city I find the reducing width of major rivers, increasing pollution of other minor rivers, and lack of strict rules to throw garbage into water streams a threat.

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