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AGRISNET - Information Network For Farmers

Apr 15, 2013

Tamil Nadu’s Department of Agriculture has successfully created an internet-based information network for 80 lakh farmers in the state.


Agriculture Resources Information System Network (AGRISNET) is a mission mode project funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India to develop a comprehensive online knowledge portal to disseminate relevant information to farmers. The goal of the project is to follow an all-inclusive approach in terms of ensuring technological connectivity, development of system software and provision of hardware at agriculture department offices up to the block level in all states and union territories.

This best practice documentation focuses on the successful state-wide implementation in Tamil Nadu. The government leveraged available resources to innovatively tackle financial and technical complexities. A separate and dedicated technical team of officers was established to avoid bureaucratic delays. Funds from multiple government schemes were used to set up basic infrastructure in agricultural offices.

Presently, the portal caters to 80 lakh farmers and provides them with information on agriculture related information. Within one year of its launch, at least 33 percent of the farmers have utilised the services offered through AGRISNET. This initiative in Tamil Nadu is also remarkable because of G2G services incorporated in the back-end network. The government uses this feature to generate customisable reports to improve their service delivery to farmers.

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