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Assessing climate change impact on the Ganga Basin

Aug 05, 2010

WWF India has launched its publication Vulnerability Assessment of People, Livelihoods and Ecosystems in the Ganga Basin, in alliance with HSBC's Climate Change Partnership. The report brings out the susceptibility and adaptive capacity of lives in the region while facing a changing climate.

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Vulnerability Assessment of People, Livelihoods and Ecosystems in the Ganga Basin

Published by: WWF in partnership with HSBC, 2010

Climate adaptation is an integral component of WWF-India’s Living Ganga Programme under the HSBC Climate Partnership.

The Living Ganga programme aims to develop and implement strategies for sustainable energy and water resource development within the Ganga Basin, given climate change implications.

The objective of the Climate Adaptation component is to assess the vulnerability of people, livelihoods and ecosystems with the purpose of identifying relevant adaptation response mechanisms, in a critical stretch of the Ganga Basin extending form Gangotri to Kanpur.

This summary document presents the analysis of a macro level vulnerability assessment, based on secondary data, and has been used to identify highly vulnerable districts for further assessment and implementation of pilot adaptation projects.

Assessment of vulnerability to climate change mainly involves research into the exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity levels of a system in the presence of a specific impact, for example, rising frequency of floods.

Vulnerability is a dynamic concept, as exposure to climate change and the capacity to cope with those impacts shifts across temporal and spatial scales.

The governing factors of vulnerability assessment studies mainly include scale of assessment; the kind of impact or hazard being considered; and the target group or system being assessed.

Source : WWF
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