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Combating climate change with ICTs

Mar 02, 2009

Produced by OneWorld South Asia, Fixing the Climate with ICTs summarises the e-discussions of the Global Knowledge Partnership’s virtual forum held last year. This advocacy guide captures the role of ICT in creating knowledge partnerships and networks to adapt to and mitigate climate change effects.

Fixing the Climate with ICTs

Publisher: OneWorld South Asia and Global Knowledge Partnership, 2009

This advocacy guide has been sourced from the Global Knowledge Partnership Forum (GKP) virtual forum on ICT and Climate Change held from May 20, 2008 – June 9, 2008.

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can provide a plethora of solutions to mitigate and adapt to the adverse impact of climate change, and in the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

At the same time, the ICT industry – also a source of GHG, and cited as a part of the problem – needs to keep a watch on its carbon emissions to contribute more towards the solution.

For instance, according to a Mckinsey study, 44% of the CEOs worldwide admit that climate change is not a significant item on their agenda. The challenge is to make managers reposition themselves in a low carbon landscape.

Profit functions and strategies need to incorporate the transition to low carbon technologies and capture carbon trading. Designing products from carbon-efficient raw materials, better insulation and energy efficient lighting systems are integral to such efforts.

ICTs can also help create cross-sectoral alliances for improving institutional and grassroots capacity, and bring greater coordination between governments to enhance disaster preparedness through technological solutions.

The guide also cites examples of ICT-related initiatives by organisations around the world in addressing climate change.

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