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Harnessing quality employment for progress

Jul 28, 2010

Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India’s Annual Report To The People On Employment analyses the employment scenario in the country with a current and medium term perspective. The report focuses on the great opportunity provided by a youthful demographic structure in increasing our national prosperity.


Annual Report To The People On Employment

Publisher: Ministry of Labour and Employment, GOI, July 2010

The Report gives a bird's eye view of the current employment scenario and casts a look into the immediate future to highlight what the Government can do to enable decent work and employment for our people.

The Report focuses on the great opportunity provided by a youthful demographic structure in increasing our national prosperity. The energy and vitality of our youth can be harnessed for achieving higher levels of social and economic progress if productive and quality employment can be generated for them.

Government of India is committed to providing access to skills and training so that our young people can contribute fully to nation building.

Similarly the increasing participation of women in the labour market is a heartening sign. Government policy must be geared towards furthering this hopeful trend by tapping the enormous productive potential of our women.

To that end, Indian Government is committed to providing equal opportunity and access to gainful employment and to end all systematic barriers to their entry into the labour market.

Our vision of inclusive growth can be translated into reality only if the socially disadvantaged groups, the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other backward Classes and Minorities, be at the heart of policy initiatives of our Government.

The Report highlights the problems faced by the socially disadvantaged groups in the labour market and also demonstrates how employment can become a powerful instrument of social inclusion.

Economic growth and policies of social inclusion mutually reinforce each other, this has become evident in the way our economy could withstand the severe global financial and economic crisis.

Active government policies such as the provision of gainful employment for the working poor under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act have played a critical role in strengthening the ability of our economy to face global challenges.

The Report alerts us to the enormous challenges that face us in achieving the goal of providing decent and productive employment to all. This will require a well planned and coordinated efforts of the various Ministries of the Government as well all major stakeholders in our society namely the workers' organisations, private sector business and industry groups and other civil society groups.

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