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How green is my neighbourhood?

Apr 18, 2012

Centre for Science and Environment, are taking another step forward in spreading environmental awareness. The research has been formulated in their new manual, Green Schools Programme: How Green is My Neighbourhood? and picks on the neighbourhood of schools as its next environment topic.

Green Schools Programme: How Green is My Neighbourhood?

Publisher: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

After the path-breaking green schools programme manual, “How Green is My School?”, first published in 2004, CSE has taken the next logical step in this exercise, by reaching out to the neighbourhood of each school. The aim being to help spread the green message and empower children with the knowledge necessary. 


This neighbourhood manual is the result of intense research, keeping in mind that it is critical for a school to be in tune with its neighbourhood. Whether its the roads and lanes, the water supply and sewage network, and other services and facilities, a school needs all these to function. Moreover, CSE believes schools involve themselves in all aspects of its neighbourhood. 

Besides the primary audience of schools, this manual aims to be an
eye-opener for consultants and professionals working in these areas as well as decision-makers and NGOs and RWAs and industries who want to be part of this movement.

The manual is aimed at taking the environment movement to the next level. Another important value addition the report hopes to make is in the field of evaluation of students under the new system of continuous comprehensive evaluation. 

CSE is offering a special introductory Green School Package of 4-books

The 4-books for the package include:

1. How Green is My Neighbourhood?
2. How Green is My School?
3. Climate Change and Natural Resources
4. A Water Harvesting Manual for Urban Areas

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