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India's report on progress towards MDGs

Sep 07, 2010

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation under Government of India recently launched the Millennium Development Goals - India Country Report 2009. This report assesses the progress made by India towards achieving the MDGs until 2009.

Millennium Development Goals - India Country Report 2009

Publisher: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GoI, 2010

India’s national development plan for 2007-12 has reaffirmed its commitment to attain the MDGs. In a sense, the targets laid down in the five-year plan are nationally dovetailed forms of the MDG targets but by some measure, envisage faster results than what the MDGs defined for us to attain. 

The more inclusive development actions that we have planned for, have no room, therefore, for finding the MDG-targets amiss. As the country is only two years away from completing the Eleventh Five-Year plan in 2012, it is quite sensible for planners to know the proximity or distance from the MDG-targets.

Available statistical evidence in terms of measures of the outcome indicators of the MDG framework is not all that current for most of the targets. However, they do correspond in most of the cases with the mid-way times between the years 2000 and 2015, which serve as the reference times for the latest datasets used in this report.

 The UN has recommended for countries to track the MDGs by taking recourse to some standard methods of estimation and projection for trend analysis of the indicators.

India has 12 of the 18 MDG-targets relevant to it. This report has considered the quantitative benchmarks of some of these targets for regression-based statistical appraising, apart from measuring temporal changes in terms of the indicators for the non‐quantitative ones.

 In this exercise, not every indicator prescribed for the targets has been used, but majority of those identified as monitorable in the Indian context have been individually analysed and discussed in this document.

This report is expected to serve as an important road-finder and guide to identification of problem areas or their locales. However, the findings are only indicative of the situation that exists at a particular time or is likely to arise in the future if the prevailing rates of changes hold good. 

The Technical Note at the end of the report also indicates how the required rate of change for achieving the targets by the terminal year could be calculated. This report has however, refrained from calculating such rates as they may not be meaningfully understood/interpreted by laymen.

Source : MoSPI
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