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Learning the basics of HIV/AIDS

Jul 02, 2009

The Magic Bus, an illustrative flipbook by the International HIV/AIDS alliance, helps children to learn the basics of HIV/AIDS and its treatment. It beautifully weaves stories in simple language using cartoons that a facilitator can use to build awareness on the dreaded disease.

The Magic Bus – A flipbook on basics of HIV/AIDS

Publisher: India HIV/AIDS Alliance, March, 2009

The Magic Bus takes the children inside an illustrative handbook that familiarises children about the immune system, germs, HIV, AIDS, opportunistic infections and ART.

The Magic Bus.jpg

Using visuals and cartoons, it creates characters which children can easily identify with. Through their voice, it covers the basics of HIV infection and treatment in a simple language and style.

The facilitator can use the flipbook to discuss on the following issues:

  • How HIV is transmitted, talking about unsafe sex and drug use.
  • Living with people who are positive
  • Testing for HIV

Using the stories in the flipbook the facilitator can also talk to the children in the age group of 8-14 years. For adults especially for the adults or older children in the age group of 14-16 years the facilitator needs to focus on, certain areas.

The contents of the handbook deal with the understanding of the human body:

  • The red and white blood cells,
  • HIV/ AIDS,
  • Living with positive people,
  • Testing for HIV,
  • Anti Retroviral Treatment.

The last chapter of the flipbook consist of an activity section that brings out the interaction, response of the child and the understanding of the disease. It helps to assess the learning’s of the basics of HIV/AIDS.

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