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Managing nature and alleviating poverty

Sep 22, 2009

OECD’s publication Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth: The Politics and Economics shows how effective policy making and investments aimed at natural resource management can support economic development and poverty reduction. It offers decision makers a wealth of examples to adopt and replicate.

Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth: The Politics and Economics

Publisher: OECD, 2009

Various global environmental assessments show a continuous decline of natural resources, increasing the vulnerability of the poor as a result of ecosystem stress, competition for space, soaring food and energy prices and climate change.


By contrast, the resultant lost opportunities for economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries have received scant attention. This publication tries to make amends by highlighting the many contributions natural resources can make to economic development and the critical role sound natural resource management plays in
pro-poor growth strategies.

It highlights the potential for natural resource management and environmental stewardship to contribute to poverty reduction and economic development of developing countries.

The publication to which IUCN provided intensive technical inputs, can be used as a guide by governments to:

  • take stock of the contribution that natural resources can make to pro-poor growth
  • understand the importance of policies that nurture sustainable management of these resources
  • address the governance challenges associated with natural resources management.

It analyses the current situation and lists ways of transforming negative environmental trends into improved opportunities for income generation, economic growth, stability and resilience to natural hazards.

The publication also presents a number of ideas and recommendations which can facilitate the path to better laws, regulations, knowledge and information, institutions, investments and transparent decision-making for natural resources and pro-poor growth.

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