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Meeting the promises on MDGs

Mar 17, 2010

Keeping the promise, a UN report is a forward-looking document that promotes an agreed action agenda to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. It calls for the adoption of a global action for accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

The Millennium Development Goals are the highest profile articulation of the internationally agreed development goals associated with the United Nations development agenda, representing the culmination of numerous important United Nations summits held during the previous decade, including summits on sustainable development, education, children, food, women, population and social development.


The adoption of the Millennium Declaration in 2000 by 189 States Members of the United Nations, 147 of which were represented by their Head of State, was a defining moment for global cooperation in the twenty-first century.

The Millennium Development Goals provide a historic framework for focus and accountability. Achievement of these goals remains feasible with adequate commitment, policies, resources and effort. The Millennium Declaration represents the most important collective promise ever made to the world’s most vulnerable people.

This report, therefore, presents information on progress made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals through a comprehensive review of successes, best practices and lessons learned, obstacles and gaps, and challenges and opportunities, leading to concrete strategies for action.

During the ten years that the MDG framework has been in place, numerous success stories and challenges related to MDG progress have been observed, studied, and extrapolated to provide a sound basis for lessons learnt. The report identifies national ownership of development strategies as the most essential factor of success, and therefore recommends all strategies and policies to be focused on domestic capacity-building efforts. In addition, unpredictable and insufficient international financing presents a serious constraint to development.

While the importance of domestic sources of finance and local ownership is noted, the report emphasises that the international community of donors must fulfill their long-standing commitments of official development assistance. Keeping the Promise further recommends the establishment of monitoring and enforcement mechanisms, and points attention to the development of innovative financing schemes.

Lastly, the report calls for a partnership of governments, nations, civil society, private sector, philanthropy and the multilateral system to “efficiently, effectively and collectively” work in cooperation towards achieving the MDGs in the five coming years.

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