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My book will make a woman recognise her inner power: Abha Banerjee

Mar 12, 2014

Abha Maryada Banerjee, one of India’s prominent woman motivational speakers, spoke to OneWorld South Asia at the launch of her book ‘Nucleus: Power Women-Lead from the core’ in New Delhi. Excerpts from the interview.

Abha Banerjee

OneWorld South Asia: Tell us briefly about your professional journey?

Abha Maryada Banerjee: I am India’s first internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. I provide training in leadership development in the Asia Pacific region.

Having practiced law for 10 years, I am also a lawyer by profession and currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I learned law for using it to bring about a positive change in the society. I have a book published on bilingual poetry which is in Hindi and English. My second book ‘Nucleus: Power Women- Lead from the core’ is on women leadership.

OWSA: How will your book ‘Nucleus: Power Women- Lead from the core’ inspire women?

Abha: Nucleus is a book dedicated to women from all sections of the society. Nucleus refers to the centre, in this case the inner core of women. This book will bring a woman back to herself as the best strength of an individual comes from within.

It will bring a woman back to the centre of her core and make her realize who she is as an individual in terms of growth. It will take women towards empowered living and accentuate mental, physical and spiritual strength.

This book will take them to their inner core and let them realise how capable they are or they could be. Young women should know that life is always growth driven and not governed by restrictions alone. Normal woman becomes a power woman if she leads from the core of herself.

OWSA: How can leadership qualities be inculcated in women?

Abha: Leadership should be cultivated from the start. The basic mantra of leadership is to go back to your primary self and ask yourself who you are as a person. Once you are clear in your mind, you can perform your actions with conviction.

Like the slight seismic shift in the lowest realm of earth causes an earthquake on the top, in the same way, the slightest shift in the mind can cause mind shifts and hence usher in lifestyle transformation. Change is not a surface thing, it is an internal thing.

Women have to recognize that part of themselves will bring a change in their lives.  Women are struggling with the work responsibilities which are male driven. The work environments are customized the way men work and they don’t as such cater to the needs of a woman.

Women play multi-faceted roles at homes and they have to deal with just about everything other than ‘office work’. Unfortunately, most men do not recognize domestic work as part of numerous leadership roles played by women.

OWSA: What according to you is the biggest obstacle to the leadership aspirations of women in South Asia?

Abha: Women are conducting themselves to the expectations of the outside world.  Relegating women to the gender driven space undermines all the education, development and other nice things which have happened to women in general.

Why will women work hard if even after all their achievements, they would be relegated back to a corner to which they have been confined since ages?

The thought of leadership needs to be internalized by women. Leadership is a vision thought. Any women can have a vision of being a leader in her life. As of now, there is a paucity of women leaders.

Working women are already leaders as they play multifaceted roles at their work places. Look at the number of success stories in the corporate world.  Aspiring leaders have to be really strong in their mind.

OWSA: What makes women natural motivational speakers in their respective professions?

Abha: Women are blessed with strong communication skills and their whole sensitivity is very strong. Women make a better connect with people as they are blessed with intuitive faculty. The capacity of being able to bear a child, to be able to nurture a child, endows women with qualities which enables them to reach out to the world as natural motivators.

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