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Nirmithi Kendra - Post-disaster housing

Apr 11, 2013

Nirmithi Kendra building centre was established during the massive floods that hit Kerala in 1985 to provide cost-effective and timely housing solutions to those whose homes were destroyed due to soil erosion.

Against the background of India’s enormous housing demand of 40 million units and frequent occurrence of floods, the first Nirmithi Kendra was established in 1985 by the provincial administration of Kerala to quickly offer low-cost and resource-saving housing.

The success of this first centre motivated a basic analysis of housing provision in India and a programme that would solve its problems.

Nirmithi Kendra provides the public, marginalised groups in particular, with a local expert centre for cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly housing, for the production of building materials, and for the development of training and advisory in construction and water harvesting technology.

The model demonstrates how microfinancing and subsidised housing can lead to productive ownership.

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