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Parliamentarians' handbook on MDGs

Nov 09, 2008

Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy’s latest publication Handbook for Parliamentarians on the MDGs details existing policy on MDGs in India and provides suggestions for future direction and strategy. The book aims to sensitise public leadership on these goals to ensure their time bound delivery.

Handbook for Parliamentarians on the MDGs: Political support and Action

Publisher: Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, 2008

The Parliamentarians' Group on the Millennium Development Goals (PG-MDGs) is a unique forum of proactive parliamentarians, who are willing to take up critical issues related to human development within India’s legislative/policy making spaces.

Together, the PG-MDGs comprises around 20 MPs from both Houses of Parliament. These MPs have joined together from across party lines to raise political awareness on the MDGs in India.

This handbook charts India’s progress towards realising the eight goals and aims to identify critical financing and policy gaps.

There are some very substantial questions arising from this handbook, not least concerning the illogicality of many lateral schemes in an environment that lacks the basic investment and infrastructure to render these programmes even vaguely sustainable.

In this respect, many of the MDGs are incongruous: how can we talk about reducing maternal mortality rates when essential medicines, well trained public health workers and functioning health centres are inaccessible to vast sectors of the populace?

How can we really consider how to maintain the natural resources on which millions depend for their livelihoods when the government continues to refuse to avoid tying development into carbon-intensive energy patterns and set targets for more environmentally sustainable development?

The book suggests that progress against many indicators could be enhanced by taking into account the cyclical causes of poverty and developing appropriate policy responses to break this cycle.

This handbook is a relatively extensive document detailing existing policy and Planning Commission agendas, as well as policy recommendations for each Goal area. It is accompanied by a series of factsheets that outline the critical issues.

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