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Renewing strategy for India-US relations

Jan 21, 2009

As the Obama administration comes into power, Asia Society’s latest report: Delivering on the Promise: Advancing US Relations with India calls for a new strategic partnership between the two countries. It argues that deeper collaboration is required on global challenges like security, economic growth, climate change and HIV/AIDS.

Delivering on the Promise: Advancing US Relations with India

Publisher: Asia Society, January 2009

This report examines how the Obama administration, already burdened with global economic crises and two wars, can manage its relationship with India.

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It highlights how India matters to virtually every major foreign policy issue that will confront the United States in the years ahead, and states that a close relationship between the two countries will thus be necessary to solve complex global challenges.

The report argues that the new relationship rests on a convergence of US and Indian national interests, and that together the two countries can harness their principles and power together to focus on the urgent interconnected challenges of their shared future: economic stability, expanded trade, the environment and climate change, innovation, non-proliferation, public health, sustainability, and terrorism.

The authors believe that together the two countries will be able to take on some of the most vexing problems facing the world today, and improve the lives and security of their citizens in doing so. But to get there, they must set broad yet realistic goals to be shared by both countries.

They recommend that over the next four years priorities must be strengthening governmental ties and setting up joint public-private partnerships in order to tackle the issues.

The report concludes that with a new administration in Washington, and national elections in India during the first half of 2009, there is an opportunity to deliver on the promise that the world’s two largest democracies have to offer each other, and the world.

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