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Report reveals global vulnerability to climate change

Dec 07, 2010

Organisation to improve the quality and effectiveness of aid for vulnerable populations, DARA International, along with Climate Vulnerable Forum developed the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010 to assess the global vulnerability to climate change. The groundbreaking tool reveals that without corrective actions, the world will be headed for nearly 1 million deaths every single year by 2030.

Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010

Published by: DARA, Climate Vulnerable Forum, 2010

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor is a new tool built to assess the vulnerability of our world to the many effects of climate change as communities virtually everywhere are facing them – each in radically different ways. DARA and the Climate Vulnerable Forum developed the Climate Vulnerability Monitor with critical input from leading international thinkers. 

It aims to help us keep watch on current and expected impacts caused by climate change and to promote understanding and debate around its growing dangers and how to deal with them.

Every year, climate change claims lives and seriously affects much of our planet. The scale and breadth of the challenge as identified by the Climate Vulnerability Monitor is already immense. So is the explosive growth of its negative effects on human society. 

Everyone should be aware of the risks we are running by not tackling the climate crisis, and how simple it is in many cases to avoid damage now and tomorrow. Still, only truly urgent action will prevent increasingly irreversible harm to the earth and the life it sustains. 

Equally urgent support is currently needed to help populations in places most vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change. They are on today’s frontlines of our common struggle with a now rapidly changing planet.

Source : DARA
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