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The Greenhouse of the future

Mar 23, 2015

‘The Greenhouse of the Future’, in both the forms of an e-book and the documentary serves as a basic guide to build a recyclable, renewable and sustainable greenhouse.

The Greenhouse of the future

New Delhi: ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’ is an informative and innovative concept to reconnect with nature which demonstrates the process of constructing a greenhouse with a strategic design built out of recycled and natural materials and is unique in many ways in comparison to greenhouses of the contemporary times. Through the e-book and documentary, one can build a greenhouse in the community, with the community and most importantly for the community.

In the times of global warming and deterioration of the environment, ‘The Greenhouse of the future’ broadly addresses the issues of permaculture, organic food production, self-reliance as a radically sustainable technique to increase resilience and make communities self-reliant.

The presentation is very simple which makes it easier for the people who are not used to the concept of greenhouses. The materials shown in the documentary are the discarded daily items. ‘The Greenhouse of the future’ teaches one to self-reliant and at the same time recycle used products such as tyres, bricks etc., making the whole design sustainable.

The documentary and the e-book is based on the vision and philosophy behind Safe Autonomy For Everyone (S.A.F.E) and illustrates the concepts like thermal mass, rainwater catchment, passive solar energy, recycling etc. The documentary and the e-book provides step by step illustrations and the visual presentations regarding the concepts and the techniques used makes ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’ a basic guide to build a recyclable, renewable and sustainable greenhouse.

This is very good news for communities or joint family set ups for building something which will save money, time and most importantly conserve energy.

Though, on the other hand, in a country like India the success of ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’ might not be too great. Lack of space, getting hold of materials and most importantly investment of time and other resources are going to be the constraints. But if the initiative is taken up by the non-governmental sector then ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’can be a success story since many areas in the sub-continent urgently needs such vivid, innovative yet simple concept for the greater good of the community.

If someone is desperately trying to learn and build greenhouses then ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’ is one good option. It provides simple step by step process of building a greenhouse which creates the perfect environment for organic farming and yet at the same time uses water sustainably with a very innovative drainage technology.’ The Greenhouse of the Future’ is a big leap towards recycling, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.

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