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Towards total renewable energy by 2050

Sep 22, 2011

The Energy Report published by the World Wildlife Fund and its partners highlights the need for a complete transition to renewable sources of energy and envisages various scenarios to achieve this target by 2050.

The Energy Report

Published by: WWF, Ecofys, OMA 2011

Conventional reserves of oil and gas will soon run out, meaning oil and gas companies are digging deeper and deeper into unconventional sources, with disastrous environmental and social consequences. Coal is still relatively readily available, but catastrophic in terms of climate changing emissions. The world can no longer afford to hang on its dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.

The world needs to transition from unsustainable energy use to a future powered entirely by renewable energy. Only by making such a transition will we be able to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change.

The Energy Report, produced through collaboration between WWF and Ecofys, breaks new ground in the energy debate by predicting a possible system in which ALL of the world's energy supply is provided by renewable and sustainable sources by mid-century.

It draws together strategies and technology options that have already been trialled or implemented to create a feasible global scenario.

The main changes outlined by this report are:
• Electrification of infrastructure including transport and industry.
• An increase in energy efficiency resulting in a decrease in overall energy consumption from 2020
• Massive reduction in use of fossil fuels(coal, natural gas & oil) for energy
• Major increase in energy from solar photovoltaics, concentrated solar, waste biomass, algal biomass and on-shore wind
• Slow phasing out of nuclear power

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Source : WWF
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