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UNMC Annual Report 2008

Mar 12, 2009

United Nations Millennium Campaign’s Annual Report 2008 summarises the key achievements of the largest global campaign against poverty. The report highlights initiatives taken across the globe to make governments more accountable to MDGs and foster stronger partnerships for development.

Annual Report 2008

Publisher: The United Nations Millennium Campaign, March 2009

The year 2008 was important for the UN Millennium Campaign to support citizens in increasing government accountability for the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the world passed the critical halfway goal post.

The year also brought about significant changes in the Campaign’s messaging as the global community was confronted with the looming financial crisis, worsening food shortage and skyrocketing fuel prices. The Campaign continued to promote an agenda of empowering excluded groups to demand accountability from leaders at the national and international levels.

Strong partnerships with civil society organisations, including many faith-based groups, youth and women’s groups, Parliamentarians, local governments, and the media, formed the bedrock of the Campaign.

Millennium Development Goals-linked Public Policy Change:

  • The Campaign in Asia supported citizens voices in the G8 Hokkaido Tokyo Summit and the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development. Some key commitments to promote universal access to primary education and health-related MDGs remained prominent in the official document of G8 communiqué in 2008.
  • In Kenya, the Campaign partnered with the Socio Economic Rights Foundation to amplify the views of poor communities towards the development of the 2008 ‘People’s Budget’ before the annual budget was tabled before Parliament.
  • The German Government increased ODA by 13% for 2009, a percentage reflecting a 700 Million Euro increase from 2008. According to OECD-DAC figures, Germany is now the second largest donor in absolute terms.
  • The Millennium Campaign in Italy played a key role in pushing for the formation of a Parliamentary Committee on MDGs for the first time in Italian history.
  • The Campaign in Portugal launched the Aid Effectiveness Brochure, which was instrumental in setting the tone for the inclusion of a pilot programme for development cooperation in the 2009 Portuguese budget.
  • In the US, Campaign partners were successful in influencing the 2009 federal budget process, resulting in the passage of the Biden-Lugar Amendment to restore the full $4.1 billion in funding for international affairs.

Major engagements:

  • Over 116 million people, almost 2% of the world’s population, participated in the unprecedented 2008 Stand Up, Take Action Campaign organized by the UN Millennium Campaign, with a wide range of partners including the UN, Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) and others, in support of the MDGs.
  • The UN Millennium Campaign played a central role in the participation of non-state actors for the September 25th High Level Event on the MDGs in New York
  • The Campaign also participated in and supported African partner representatives at the High-level meeting on Aid Effectiveness held in Accra.
  • In Indonesia, the Millennium Campaign in Asia partnered with Metro TV to launch the MDG Awards, a new initiative to celebrate exemplary contributions of select local governments and others.
  • The Campaign had a visible presence in the Doha Conference on Financing for Development in November with strong media coverage.

The support for national campaign activities and advocacy initiatives by the Millennium Campaign in Asia focused on marginalised and vulnerable groups and regions, with a specific concentration on women’s empowerment.

The Campaign continued to facilitate dialogue among key constituencies to influence policy and practice changes for greater resource allocation for the MDGs and effective delivery of MDGlinked public services.

The UN High Level Event on MDGs in September was a major advocacy moment to build momentum towards the Stand Up, Take Action Campaign held from 17-19 October 2008.

In close collaboration with the UN System, civil society, and community-based organisations; the Campaign formulated regional policy messages and a compilation of MDG case studies drawn from personal stories and grassroots experiences through various poverty hearings and people’s tribunals on MDGs at the national and local levels.

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